From the early days of Donald Trump's time as a politician, he's come under fire for his controversial style, especially his use of social media. After the president re-tweeted a GIF video of him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball, the reaction was as expected.

Trump on Twitter

There is no love lost between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The feud between the two started not long after the former host of "The Apprentice" announced his campaign to run for president back in the summer of 2015. While Trump focused his early attacks on his 16 Republican opponents in the GOP primary, he would make sure to take shots at Democratic primary front runner Hillary Clinton.

Once the race was set between the two following their respective party primary elections, Trump amped up his attack against the former Secretary of State. Trump hit Clinton over a variety of issues, some of which where clearly debunked, like pushing whether or not she was gravely ill and unable to do the job of president due to her health. Over the last week, the Trump-Clinton rivalry has been renewed after the former first lady released her new book titled "What Happened?," detailing her thoughts about the 2016 presidential election. As expected, Trump hasn't been too kind in his response, which continued with a re-tweet on September 17.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump gave his long-awaited response to Hillary Clinton's new book.

In his tweet, the billionaire real estate mogul mocked Clinton, claiming she took no responsibility for her actions and that using the term "deplorable" to describe Trump supporters helped doom her candidacy.

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump continued his attack, this time re-tweeting a GIF showing him hitting a golf ball into the air.

The clip cuts to an image of Hillary Clinton getting onto a plane before the ball is photo-shopped into the video where she then falls to ground as if the president was responsible.

Twitter reacts

Not long after the re-tweet was sent out, Donald Trump was ripped by his critics on social media. "Trump's a pig!" one tweet read.

"This is a perfect example of why 45 will go down in history as the most despised & worst president in history," another Twitter user wrote. "You are such an embarrassment to our nation. Resign and take your family to Russia. Stay there. Forever," another tweet added.

"Ok, I get acting Presidential has been out the window for 9 months, but how about just acting like someone born in the 20th century," yet another Twitter user pointed out. As the backlash continued, it was made clear that the rift between the political left and the right was far from over.