Texas enacted their sanctuary city bill to stop municipalities from protecting illegal immigrants and undocumented migrant workers, but the bill has been dealt quite a sharp blow in the US court system. Texas may be failing in its attempt to hold back funds from these so-called sanctuary cities.

The bill threatened many

This bill was passed with Republican backing to give jail time to anyone who went against the wishes of the immigration officials in their area. Anyone in Texas who did not cooperate or abetted these sanctuary cities would be cast out, jailed and most likely lose their jobs.

The example that would have been created could have stopped other people from disobeying immigration officials, and the Republican senate of the state was looking forward to its enactment soon.

They wanted it to be constitutional

The Republican senate of the state of Texas mounted an effort to have the bill declared constitutional before it was to go into effect. They found themselves in court challenged by many sanctuary city officials. Republican lawmakers went out to sue many cities that were harboring anyone they deemed to be illegal, and they drug these cities into court hoping to make the decision final.

The judge takes common sense

Judge Sam Sparks asked many wise questions when hearing the case.

He sits in a federal court seat that he was appointed to by George W. Bush, and he called into question why the Texas senate wanted to have a law declared constitutional before it had taken effect. He questioned why all these sanctuary cities were in his courtroom when they are part of a similar lawsuit that is to be litigated in San Antonio.

Texas has hoped to force the issue, and they were stopped cold by Judge Sparks.

The police state fear

The case in San Antonio centers around a border town and many large cities who are warning against a police state that does nothing more than stereotype and profile anyone who is of color. That particular lawsuit would lead to the law being thrown out by the courts, and it will give a final conclusion to the issue of sanctuary cities in Texas.

The state senate must content that lawsuit properly without circumventing the case in another court.

The end game for the state of Texas is to stop people from crossing their border and remaining in the state. Anyone who has crossed the border likely needs services that large cities in the state are willing to provide, and they do not believe they should be punished for remaining sanctuary cities. As of this moment, the fight continues.