It has been almost a year since Donald Trump took his place at the White House. And since then, many strange things have happened. There have been Inauguration boycotts and Twitter wars. There have been protests and presidential holidays. And now? Now there is a giant inflatable chicken, just outside the White House. And that's not all. The chicken also sports a Donald Trump hair cut.

Why is there an inflatable chicken?

According to USA Today, the 30-foot tall Trump-esque chicken was designed by artist Casey Latiolais. The chicken owner, Taran Singh Brar, claims that he has been planning this "chicken protest" since March this year.

On Wednesday, he was finally allowed to show his inflatable giant, nicknamed "Chicken Don", to Washington. He inflated his chicken in the Ellipse, a park just outside the White House.

Taran Singh Brar told media that it had been a massive mission to get permission, according to the New York Times. He had to fight until he was allowed his freedom of speech and given the go-ahead for his massive chicken. Why does he feel this is important though? Brar told media that the chicken is just a more elaborate way of protesting against the Trump. Brar accused Trump of being a "chicken", adding that Trump's interactions with North Korea are prime examples of the president's cowardice. He is also protesting about Trump's reluctance to share his tax returns with the public and about his interactions with Vladimir Putin.

According to USA Today, this is not the last time a "chicken" protest will grace the streets of Washington. In fact, Brar is already planning a "chicken" march where hundreds of military style "Chicken Dons" will march through the street in protest of the current events in Russia and North Korea. There's certainly nothing chicken about these chickens!

What does Trump have to say?

President Donald Trump has quite a few pressing concerns this week, as he continues his extended getaway from the White House. He has to worry himself with all sorts of things such as the nuclear weapons program in North Korea. So in all honesty, a chicken doppelganger is the least of his concerns.

As of Wednesday, the President had made no comments about the giant inflatable chicken, practically in his backyard. Even though he is presently in New Jersey, it is likely that Trump has seen the news about the chicken.

Taran Singh Brar said that he isn't too worried. He is certain that the President will see his chicken on Twitter. So, in the meantime, all we can do is wait and hope that Trump takes to Twitter to express his views on the chicken. Oh, the life of the president!