Michael "Mick" Ohman, a Man from Phoenix, found himself unexpectedly stranded in the middle of Arizona's wilderness on Thursday. Mick had spent the morning strolling through the Arizona ghost town, Crown King and enjoying lunch in the quaint tourist destination. On his way back to Phoenix, he decided to take the scenic route and so he selected the "no highways" option on his GPS and settled in for the ride. However, it wasn't long before the disaster struck and Ohman found himself stranded in the Arizona desert, in the blistering heat. Now that he has finally been rescued, Mick has spoken to the media about his experience and rescue.

Stranded in the desert

Mick's GPS took him and his Honda CR-V onto an off-road path so risky and littered with rocks that most skilled off-road drivers even avoid it. However, Mick, the 55-year-old who has recently discovered his adventurous side, decided to press on. It was only later when he reached a steep drop-off alongside the road, with no sort of barrier that he became a bit more concerned. By that time it was too late. Mick soon discovered that his transmission was in shreds from the rocky track and that he was miles away from help, with no cell phone service.

And his supplies? A couple of beers, an old sandwich, half a bottle of water and a few leftover crackers in his lunchbox. According to Abc News, Mick left a handwritten note on his car bonnet and wrote a giant "H" with rocks on the road, in case someone flew over.

Then he set off in the blistering sun, hiking the area in search of cell signal. He had no luck though and later that day he returned to his car. After 24 hours, Mick realized what a dire situation he was in. He had run out of the water, alcohol was no help, and his food had spoiled in the sweltering heat.

According to AZ Central, Mick then proceeded to make a heartbreaking video recording of himself.

The video shows Mick telling his sisters how much he loves them. This was just in case. By that time he had resorted to drinking water out of tiny puddles that he found and according to ABC News, even considering drinking his urine.

The rescue

On Saturday morning, Mick decided he had no choice but to start walking. He walked for two hours, weak from the lack of water and food and drained from the sun.

Suddenly he stumbled across Troy Haverland, a dirt biker making his way to Crown King. Haverland gave Mick his bottle of water and helped him onto his one-man dirt bike. All Mick could say was that Haverland is his "guardian angel."

Now that Mick is safe, he hopes that his experience will be used to protect others. He never wants anyone to have to go through such an ordeal, and he has told media that he hopes others will realize the importance of planning before visiting such remote areas.