The job of a press secretary isn't an easy one. It's an occupation that comes with plenty of stress and whoever is crazy enough to be a harbinger for the most powerful man in the world better have patience. On Friday, it looks like the patience of Sean Spicer has officially topped out.

Early Friday, #Sean Spicer informed President Donald Trump, that he will be resigning from his position.The resignation isn't a complete surprise, however, according to a report in the New York Times, Spicer was upset about Trump's choice for communications director.

President Trump appointed, Anthony #Scaramucci as the director Friday, and reports claim that #Spicer believed the appointment was a regretful mistake. The report further claims, that Trump went to Spicer earlier Friday, and asked him to stay on as press secretary. Spicer, however, refused, because of the Scaramucci appointment.

Spicer is no stranger to controversy

While the announcement of Spicer's resignation comes as a surprise to some, for many, especially the press, it comes as a thrill.

Most notably back in January, Spicer had a major meltdown with the press inside the White House briefing room---alleging unfair reporting and inaccurate details about the crowd size of the Trump inauguration.

His run in with April Thomas further fueled the toxic relationship he had with the press when he became upset over the reporter shaking her head while he answered her questions.

Twitter Fires Back

Social media looked to have the last laugh, as social news sites and Twitter users took to their Twitter accounts Friday, and started having a little fun at Sean Spicer's expense.

Most seemed happy that he was ending his run as press secretary.

The Daily Show and CNN joined in on the fun. #CNN entertained the idea that the popular Saturday Night Live with comedian and actress, #Melissa McCarthy, may be coming to an end due to the resignation. The Daily Show simply joined in with the harangue tweeting, “R.I.P.”

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next for Sean Spicer will remain unknown as of writing this.

Spicer does have a background working for the Republican National Committee and has served as a communications director for several years. If one was to guess, Spicer may be looking to reunite with that profession or possibly find himself a role on television due to his popularity.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, once a chief deputy to Sean Spicer, is the new press secretary for the White House.