White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced that he would be resigning from the trump administration earlier this morning. Spicer had concerns regarding the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, a republican donor and financial expert, to the Communications Director position.

Spicer was initially asked to continue his work in the press secretary post, but his disapproval of the appointment was clearly deep-seated. While Spicer's work in the Trump Administration has not been executed without challenges, he certainly fulfilled his duties, and demonstrated that he was adept at handling the high-stress environment that is the White House press room.

Some media outlets have highlighted aspects of Spicer's tenure at the White House to create a narrative of repeated "snubs" that culminated in the appointment of Scaramucci to the communications director position. Still, it might be more fulfilling to take a look at what the actual implications of this shift are.

Is this shake-up more notable than others?

Considering earlier shake-ups in the administration, this latest addition to the saga is not shocking, but still a bit troubling to witness. This might be considered one of the more notable upsets to the staff, given the immense role a WH press secretary is known to play.

Known as a senior official that acts as the spokesperson of the White House, a press secretary plays an instrumental part in helping the president craft his message for the public.

Spicer was expected to do this, and more, allowing the public access to the official views and opinions of President Trump regarding things that took place nationally and globally, while tempering any controversy surrounding the Commander-in-Chief.

The position is not an easy one to execute, and certainly holds its own as one of the more demanding positions to hold in the White House.

Losing any staff member, and particularly a press secretary in this manner, undoubtedly creates the appearance of discord.

What is next for the administration?

With more than 6 months down, the administration presumably was hoping to move forward with those currently on-board. Without Spicer holding this instrumental role, one is left to wonder who will take on this important position.

Still, the press secretary has made it clear that he will be staying on the team through August. Additionally, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was named the new WH press secretary.