Upon opening my Twitter account today, I saw smack dab right in my face, a post from Alex Jones getting “scalding Hot Coffee” thrown in his face in rainy Seattle. What he was doing there was never really publicly announced, but I have a feeling it had something to do with Civil War monuments being torn down.

Back to Seattle, Jones was doing what he does best (ranting and raving about the latest conspiracy from the mainstream press). Filming live on Periscope, Jones was talking about the attacks in Spain, and how the corporate press refused to elaborate who the culprits behind the attacks were.

Round 1: The preliminary confrontation

At about 1:30 into his video, Jones starts talking about the stock market “plunging,” when the camera operator breaks away to a man on the street flipping off Jones. Jones becomes belligerent after being flipped off, so he goes to confront the man. The man immediately runs across the street.

That’s when Jones chases this young man across the street (like a bulldog with a touch of laryngitis). The only thing more amusing than watching Jones run is Donald Trump’s comb over in a windstorm. The young man walks away from Jones, who cuts him off. Following that, both start yelling expletives at one another, while flipping each other off like two Jerry Springer guests in distress).

Jones shouts at the man, “you’re an intellectual dumb ass" He continues his harangue of the unidentified man by calling him a “fake” and a “fraud.”

Jones gets a taste of "Seattle coffee"

After the confrontation, Jones, who is now winded and nearly in a break of sweat, continues his journey down the street after interacting with some poor guy who witnessed the whole event.

While Jones speaks about the media trying to have Trump killed, a man’s voice can be heard from behind Jones.

That’s when Jones realizes that he is being flipped off again. Jones decides to confront this guy as well. They both get into each other’s faces as Alex Jones calls the man a slave and dares him to throw a punch. The man resists punching him, but instead throws what is being described as “hot coffee” in his face.

At this point, the two are heated, but the man eventually breaks away and disappears from the camera.

But was this real or staged?

Not everyone believes that it was real. One Twitter user claims that the man who threw the alleged “hot coffee” is a local actor that has a wrestling show. For a man, who just had hot coffee thrown in their face, he certainly took it like a pro. As I write this, there’s been no mention of whether or not it was a staged event.

Some Twitter accounts are claiming the man is a hired intern. This would fall in line with something Jones would try to do, by making an example of “leftists” who have no tolerance for dissenting views, and acting out violently as he has claimed many times in the past.

If this is true, it would be disappointing but not surprising. Jones is a sensationalist, who has been wrong on plenty of his theories. If we went by what Alex says, we’d all be locked up in FEMA camps right about now.

That’s not to say he’s been wrong about everything, and that he hasn’t produced good work. He has, and he has an amazing staff of writers for his site Infowars. The trouble with Alex is his credibility. After going on record and showing his support for Trump, Jones sold out his alleged “liberty” values. How far will he go for his rising fame and popularity? Judging by today, a solid production crew, with a few actors pretending to be political foes will do. Next time, Alex, make sure the coffee is actually hot so you can actually feel the real effect.