A Sterling Heights, Michigan woman claims to have been “poisoned,” after ordering and eating a “veggie loaded omelet” from a nearby Denny’s restaurant, according to Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press alleges the problem occurred on August 25, when Montgomery, who is a practicing Jew, noticed after a few bites that something wasn’t right. After cutting open the omelette, Montgomery noticed the bacon.

As a practicing Jew, her religion forbids her to eat any pork products. Montgomery told the Detroit Free Press that a pig is an odious food. “It’s like the most vile, disgusting creature on planet Earth that’s not supposed to go in your body, and I ate it.

To me, that’s a poisoning. I was poisoned.”

Detroit Free Press reports that the lawsuit alleges the employees at Denny’s apologized and claimed it was a mistake. The employee refused comment, and a spokesperson from Denny’s wasn’t available for comment.

KFC also named in lawsuit

Representing Montgomery is Dearborn, Michigan attorney Majed Moughni. Moughni is an automobile accident attorney but has recently kept himself busy with lawsuits pertaining to food and faith.

According to the same report in the Detroit Free Press, Moughni will also be representing a Dearborn Muslim couple, who were incorrectly served bacon on their chicken sandwich at a KFC in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Moughni is also representing a Muslim man, who accidentally ate pepperoni made out of pork at a Little Ceasars. That lawsuit is asking for $100 million in damages, according to the Free Press.

As flighty as these lawsuits may sound, most religious advocates take these cases seriously, which is why food and faith lawsuits in the U.S. are on the rise. Just recently, Fox News reported in August, a Muslim family was deliberately fed bacon by McDonald’s employees in Decatur, Alabama.

While this case isn’t involved in a lawsuit, the Alabama chapter for American-Islamic Relations(CAIR) is calling for McDonald’s to terminate the employee/s, who “deliberately hid” bacon in 14 McChicken sandwiches.

CAIR is also accusing the Decatur McDonald’s of “religious and ethnic bigotry,” according to Fox News.

The hot coffee that cost $2.7 million

McDonald’s has been encumbered in “frivolous” lawsuits for many years. Back in 1994, one of the most popular and critical cases was Liebeck vs McDonald’s. In 1992, Stella Liebeck purchased a hot coffee from the restaurant. When she spilled the coffee on her lap, she suffered third degree burns. According to Business Insurance.org, Liebeck was awarded $2.7 million by a jury settlement.