Move over Joe Arpaio, there’s a new controversial sheriff in town, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. Judd made national headlines last week over a tweet, that seemingly discouraged Floridians with warrants from seeking refuge at crisis shelters during Hurricane Irma.

Those comments aren’t winning favor with everyone, including Nexus Services Inc, one of the leading providers of pro bono services. The company’s legal arm, Nexus Caricade Attorney Inc, filed a lawsuit Sunday alleging Judd’s warrant checks are unconstitutional and reckless, and the Sheriff needs to be held accountable.

Nexus Services Inc claims Judd is discouraging people from seeking emergency shelter through fear, but more importantly, Judd’s actions are unconstitutional by setting up pedestrian warrant checks during a crisis. Nexus Services Inc CEO, Mike Donovan told WFTS, “that fear is causing them (Floridians) to not seek shelter, and that as a result, people may die.”

Sheriff Judd disagrees, however, and he is calling the lawsuit “frivolous,” Judd told the Orlando Sentinel, Nexus Services Inc is filing a suit for free press and because Judd has a nationwide profile.

Judd has one goal, keep Floridians safe

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Judd and his staff check everyone who comes into a shelter, and that sexual predator (43 offenders) are housed elsewhere in an area of the jail without bars and aren’t being held.

Judd claims his goal is to keep all Floridians safe during Hurricane Irma.

In Judd’s attempt to keep all Floridians safe, he is running an unconstitutional program by violating people’s Fourth Amendment rights, says Nexus Caricade Attorneys Inc Civil Rights Chief, Mario Williams.

Twitter reacts to Judd's tweet

Last week, Judd’s tweet drew a national firestorm, when he tweeted, “if you have a warrant, we’ll gladly escort you to a safe and secure shelter called the Polk County Jail.” Twitter users immediately reacted to the Sheriff's tweet calling it a disgusting move on his end.

One Twitter user, who goes by the handle, "Alt Sean Spicer" replied: "So basically this guy is encouraging anyone with a warrant, which are issued for things such as outstanding parking tickets, to risk death?"

"This goes against every principle in disaster management you small minded man. We don't do this because it kills people," said Twitter user Shelby Edwards.

Judd didn’t stop there, he also issued a strong warning to looters. “If you are looter, shame on you. We’re going to be all over you.”