Ever since Donald trump became president, people have been roasting his moves and decisions, some of which do raise serious eyebrows! A much-watered down version of his travel ban is now active and has removed many provisions that caused chaos and protests at airports around the world in January, earlier this year.

The new rules don’t pose much of a ban but have made the already tough US visa policies even tougher. The biggest impact has been on the six Muslim countries that Trump always targets. Refugees have also been covered in these rules.The impact of the levy didn’t disrupt day-to-day operations.

Customs and Border Protection spokesman Dan Heltage reported that all ports of entry recorded usual business. Valid visa holders face no difficulty.

However, the administration has failed to explain to immigration and refugee advocates about that how the rules will make the country safer. Iranian Foreign Minister Md. Javed Zarif openly denounced this ban and addressed it as a show of hostility against his nation.

What is the fuss all about?

From now, residents of countries namely Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran, and Yemen will have to face stringent visa regulations. Those who already have visas will be easily allowed into the States. However, people from these countries who want new visas will have to prove a close family relationship or an existing relationship with any institution in the US!

The American Civil Liberties Union, a major group that Challenges the ban refers to the rules as extremely restrictive and arbitrary. The state of Hawaii filed an emergency motion earlier this week. They wanted a federal judge to assess and clarify that the administration cannot force relatives like grandparents, aunts, and uncles into such a ban.

Legal Director at the National Immigration Law Center, Karen Tumlin, pointed out that the rules would destroy the dreams of many who have waited months to meet their families and close relatives.

The tough laws

The State Department clarified that the relationships that could be mentioned for access to US visas include:

  • Parent
  • Spouse
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Son-in-law
  • Daughter-in-law
  • Siblings

Business and professional links must be documented exhaustively.

Journalists, students and all those who have valid invitations or employment contracts are exempt from the ban. Iranians stand to be affected most by the new rules as they currently hold the lion’s share. The US allowed 26,000 Iranians on visitor and tourist visas in 2015.

The aftermath of January chaos

Just after Trump announced his travel bans for the first time, travelers with previously approved visas were blocked from flights and even barred entry into the states. This created a lot of chaos. However, immigration officials have been instructed beforehand not to block anyone with valid documents.