John McCain, the moderate Republican senator from Arizona, was just diagnosed with glioblastoma. Doctors found the cancerous Brain Tumor after a procedure that removed a blood clot from behind his left eye. According to a report on July 19th from CBS News, a general statement about the Arizona senator was released by both his family and the Mayo Clinic.

On Friday, July 14th, Senator McCain had a blood clot removed from behind his left eye. The procedure was performed at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Tests were done on the tissue that was removed and that was when the cancerous glioblastoma was discovered.

Treatment options for glioblastoma being discussed

According to the previously mentioned report from CBS News, there are different options available to senator john mccain. Those treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation, and a combination of both chemotherapy and radiation. His doctors stated that his recovery from the surgery to remove the blood clot was going “amazingly well.” They added the his underlying health was “excellent.”

At the time of publication, it was unknown which treatment option the Arizona senator and his doctors would choose. It was also unknown if Senator McCain would be seeking treatment for the cancerous glioblastoma. It appears John McCain and his family are currently reviewing their options.

Will John McCain return to work in Washington D.C.?

According to the previously mentioned report by CBS News, Senator McCain's office also issued a statement. His office stated that the senator was in good spirits and is confident that any treatment he chooses will be successful. Senator John McCain's office is waiting for his doctors and other members of his care team to make the decision as to whether or not the Arizona senator will be returning to his work in the United States' Senate.

Senator John McCain is currently recovering at his home in Arizona. His family is with him at this time. According to the previously mentioned report from CBS News, Senator McCain's daughter, Meghan, took to social media. There, she shared how she believes McCain is the “toughest” person she knows and her love for him has no end.

Are you surprised that Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer? What treatment do you think the senator will choose? Should he return to work in his condition, especially given his age?