Hannah Wanjiru cut off her husband's penis in Kenya. Her husband, Andrew Kamau, is currently being treated at the Kijabe hospital. According to a July 17th report by The Star in Kenya, the man is currently in Stable Condition.

Who started the fight between this married couple?

Andrew Kamau explained a stranger had called him regarding a telephone that looked like the telephone Hannah Wanjiru had recently lost. She demanded to know why he was discussing her with a stranger on the telephone. It appears she did not like the answer she was given.

Kamau stated he and his wife began fighting.

He then overpowered her and she fell down. That was when he admitted he “stopped beating her.” Despite the fact he was no longer beating his wife, things took a turn for the worse.

Private parts cut with a panga

According to the previously mentioned report by The Star in Kenya, the couple's son hit his father in the head with a panga. The man then fell. It was at that time the wife took the panga and cut what Kamau described as his “Private Parts.” A panga is an African tool that is similar to a machete.

Andrew Kamau passed out after being cut with the panga. When he woke up, he was in severe pain and bleeding. Neighbors, aware of the situation, took him to a local clinic. He was then transferred to an actual hospital in Kijabe.

Wife arrested after cutting husband's penis after he beat her

Hannah Wanjiru was arrested after her husband was taken to the local clinic. She was taken to the local police station. At the time of publication, the exact charges she is facing are unknown. It is also unknown if their son was also arrested for hitting his father in the head with the panga.

According to the previously mentioned report from The Star, Andrew Kamau is currently in stable condition. A nurse at the Kijabe hospital explained that his testicles, urethra, penis, and nerves were “injured.” At the time of publication, it was unknown if his penis and testicles were completely cut off. It is also unknown if Kamau will regain full use of his penis, testicles, and urethra.

Let us know what you think. If this had happened in the United States, would Hannah Wanjiru have been arrested? Would it have been considered self-defense, seeing Andrew Kamau admitted to knocking her down and beating her? Do you think it was self-defense or do you think her actions were indeed criminal? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.