It was just last week that senator john mccain took a leave of absence after a blood clot was found behind his left eye. As a result, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, announced he would postpone the vote on the contentious healthcare bill until Senator McCain returned. Since McCain's leave of absence, the healthcare bill has imploded, yet it was reported earlier this week that McCain's blood clot was more serious than initially anticipated provided he required a minor craniotomy.

Many thought McCain's health problems were no more than this blood clot, yet it was unfortunately revealed today he was diagnosed with brain Cancer.

McCain's Office releases a statement regarding brain cancer diagnosis

On Wednesday evening, Senator McCain's office released a statement going into specific detail of Senator McCain's diagnosis. According to the statement, when Senator McCain went into the Mayo Clinic to have his blood clot removed, doctors found the cause of his clot to be a tumor known as a glioblastoma located in his brain. At the moment, Senator McCain and his family are reviewing all treatment options including chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The statement also added that the Senator's doctors say he is recovering 'amazingly well' from the surgery and was in otherwise 'excellent health'.

Shortly there after, Senator McCain's office issued a follow-up statement with regards to his health. In the follow-up statement, they said Senator McCain has appreciated the overwhelming support over the past week and remains in good spirits as he recovers from the surgery. The follow-up statement also included special thanks to his doctors who have been providing him with 'outstanding care'.

Speculation surfaces that brain cancer may have caused bizarre behavior at Comey hearing

Soon after news broke that McCain had been diagnosed with Brain Cancer, many people began to speculate it may have been the cause for his strange behavior during the Comey hearing last month. During the Comey hearing, Senator McCain asked, what many on both sides of the aisle agreed, was a strange line of questioning.

After the hearing Senator Marco Rubio (R - FL) stated, "I didn't follow [McCain's] line of questioning very well, to be honest." At the time of the hearing, McCain blamed the strange line of questioning on having stayed up late watching the Arizona Diamondbacks on TV.