A California boy went missing back in April and authorities recently found his remains. The father of the child, who has been the main suspect when the child disappeared, is now behind bars.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that they found five-year-old Aramazd Andressian Jr.’s body on Friday. The boy was last spotted in Disneyland with his father, 35-year-old Aramazd Andressian, on April 21. The older Aramazd was arrested on June 23. He faces murder charges.

The remains of the younger Aramazd was found near Lake Cachuma. No other details were revealed as to how they located the remains and in what condition is the body.

Father initially claimed he lost son after Disneyland spotting

The elder Aramazd was found inside a vehicle parked near his home in South Pasadena, California a day after he was last seen with his son. Gasoline soaked his vehicle and prescription drugs were also spotted near his car.

When asked about his son’s whereabouts, he gave contradicting statements. South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller noted, “The father was … not very forthcoming with information, was not very specific on his timeline, where he was with the child, where he was when the child was lost.” Although he was jailed after the April 22 discovery of him passed out in his vehicle, the father of the five-year-old toddler was released from jail as there was no sufficient evidence to keep him in jail, Washington Post reported.

Later, he said that he did not know his son’s whereabouts via a statement through his lawyer.

The father of the missing child was arrested last week in Las Vegas. He grew and dyed his hair and shaved his beard when he was found in Las Vegas. According to police, they arrested him on suspicion of the murder of the child as he took part in activities that were not in line with what a grieving parent should be doing.

His bail was set at $10 million.

Boy’s father and mother going through divorce when he went missing

The father of the boy and his mother were in the middle of a divorce when the elder Aramazd took his son from his former wife and told her they were going to Disneyland, CNN said. The father was supposed to drop the child back to the boy’s mother after their trip to the amusement park.

The family of the boy did not release any statement yet after news broke that the boy’s remains were found. They have exhausted all efforts to look for the boy and even held press conferences pleading for the child’s safe return. They also offered rewards to anyone who could point to the whereabouts of the boy.