A Shooting took place in Little Rock in Arkansas last night. The incident occurred in Power Ultra Lounge nightclub. The owner of the nightclub had already received an eviction notice but had failed to comply with its terms. The shooting has been confirmed as a random act of violence and not an act of terrorism. In total, 28 people were injured in the event. Luckily, there were no fatalities.

Police have already made an arrest

A rapper performing in the nightclub last night has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Ricky Hampton was performing on stage at the Power Ultra Lounge nightclub when the incident occurred.

According to the BBC, a number of Hampton's friends had been stopped that night by police. At least one of his comrades had a gun in his possession. It was reported that the individuals found another way into the club.

According to The KATV network, Ricky Hampton's booking agent had stated that Hampton had nothing to do with the incident. NBC News has reported that another person has been arrested in connection with the shooting. However, no one has been formally charged and it is likely that Ricky Hampton will be released. Police are still investigating the shooting.

Over 20 people suffered injuries

about 28 people were injured in last night's shooting at the Power Ultra Lounge nightclub. Originally, the police released a statement saying that 17 people had been hurt.

However, that count is over 20. According to RTE, 25 people were shot and a further three were injured. There are two people in critical condition. The expectation is that all of the injured will survive. No further information has been released about their condition.

The victims were aged from their teens to their late 30's.

The police chief has made a public statement thanking the first responders for their immediate action. Had they arrived sooner it is likely that there would have been a number of fatalities.

The major of Little Rock has spoken out about this tragedy and has stated that the police do not believe this was an Act Of Terrorism.

The shooting did not appear to be planned in any way. They currently have two suspects detained in custody.

The Power Ultra Lounge nightclub is in the process of being shut down for good. The properties liquor license has already been suspended. Major Mark Stodola has expressed his condolences to the victims of the shooting and has stated that his heart is broken in the midst of the tragedy.