Betsy Hodges, the mayor of Minneapolis, stated she felt 'heartsick and deeply disturbed by what occurred last Saturday night.' Apparently after witnessing an assault in the alley behind her home a 40-year-old American citizen, Justine Damond who was originally from Australia, called 911. Something went terribly wrong considering the police she called to help instead shot and killed her. Compounding this terrible life altering tragedy is the fact that the police officers did not have their body camera turned on. Therefore, how this killing occurred is murky.

Witnesses describe the shooting

Minneapolis Star-Tribune cites three sources that say Justine Damond was shot and killed after approaching a police car driven by police officer Mohamed Noor, a 31-year-old Somali immigrant. Noor was recognized by Mayor Hodges last year for being 'the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department.' Noor began his career as a Minneapolis police officer in March 2015. Since that time three complaints are on file against Noor. Two of the complaints are still being investigated, and one is closed without incident.

Additionally, a lawsuit filed against Noor stemming from an incident that took place in May 2017 alleges abuse. According to the woman who filed the lawsuit, Noor and another police officer forced her to go to the hospital against her will.

The woman claims his action constituted as false imprisonment, assault, and battery. At this time Noor is on paid administrative leave.

What is apparent is there may well be cultural aspects related to this incident. Nonetheless, it is not exactly clear what the cultural issues are. Moreover, will the Minneapolis Police Department and police departments around the country be investigating all aspects of this shooting as well as other police shootings around the country?

For the reasons that police shootings of innocent citizens have been occurring way too often. The Washington Post reports 543 people were shot and killed by police this year. Last year 963 were killed.

County attorney says he will decide whether to charge police officer Mohamed Noor

Michael Orville Freeman, an attorney, and politician from the state of Minnesota is currently the county attorney for Hennepin County where police officer Noor shot and killed private citizen Justine Damond.

Freeman said he would decide whether the county will charge Noor in the shooting.

He went on to explain he will not convene a grand jury and that he is basing this decision on the fact that both police officers who responded to the 911 call for help ought to have had their body cameras turned on, and they did not. Additionally, after Justine Damond was killed their body cameras needed to be turned on according to Minneapolis police own policies. So far there are no clear explanations as to why the body cameras were off.

What is clear is that fellow citizens, friends, and family members of Justine Damond are outraged, shocked, and grief struck by what occurred. Hopefully, more will be revealed over the next months as to how this tragedy occurred.