Almost one hundred days after her husband was elected President of the United States Melania Trump has joined him in their official home at the White House. The First Lady has been living at Trump Towers in New York City with their eleven-year-old son Barron. The official reason provided was that the Trump's wanted to allow Barron to finish his fifth-grade school year. Nonetheless, Mrs. Trump's absence has fuelled speculation about the Trump's relationship. There have been a series of public faux pas between the couple. One of the latest was the First Lady swiping the President's hand away as he appeared to reach out to hold her hand during a recent international trip.

Melania plays her role

In any event, Melania Trump is playing her First Lady role. With a slight hint of a smile on her face and clutching a designer handbag in her hand making it impossible for her husband to try and hold her hand as they exited Marine One on their way to their new home. The family made their way down the stairs with expressions that convey incongruity. Both warm, friendly gestures and an overt display of cold indifference were absent. Making it challenging for some of those watching to engage with the first family emotionally.

Every picture tells a story

Later Melania tweeted an image of candle lit dinner with two tall, tapered candles in silver holders. The picture came from inside the Executive Residence, looking past the Truman Balcony while looking out over the South Lawn.

Maybe the most interesting part of this image was there was no one present at the table. Making it difficult to know for who the dinner was intended. Possibly this picture is worth a thousand words. An elaborate dinner table set, with no food, or diners present.

An image of the President, First Lady, their son, and her parents all sitting down to a warm family dinner smiling into the camera; their first family meal in the White House would have conveyed an entirely different vibe.

One where there is a strong united, loving family present. Instead, this picture conveys loneliness, emptiness, and coldness. Making some of us wonder what is going on behind the scenes of this First Family? Melania's tweet read, "[l]ooking forward to the memories we'll make in our new home! #Movingday." Leaving a few to ask, who is looking forward? The image appears empty of nourishment, warmth, and family. Instead, it is gazing off into the distance to an exit out of the White House.