A skydiver died after jumping out of a plane last week and police initially thought it was just an accident. Later, they said in a report obtained by The Orlando Sentinal, that the experienced Skydiver sent his Wife a message saying that he would not deploy his parachute. The skydiver was identified as Capotorto Vitantonio. He jumped from the plane at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, KSAT reported.

Wife tried to save him

The wife of Vitantonio, 25-year-old Costanza Zitellini, received a Video Message before he made the jump. She tried to save him by going to the dispatchers, who made contact with the crew of the plane.

She told them of the video message she received and they told the crew of Skydive DeLand to stop Vitantonio from jumping.

The dispatchers relayed the message just after Vitantonio jumped out of the plane. Zitellini said that Vitantonio told her that he "will be going to a wonderful place." He fell from 13,500 feet.

Authorities later found Vitantonio’s body in a field near Skydive DeLand. He was found face down and was declared dead.

Employees did not notice anything funny

Vitantonio seemed like his normal self when he boarded the plane. Employees said he was not acting funny nor did he say anything off before the jump. It is unclear if he planned the suicide even before he boarded the plane or if he decided to kill himself minutes before he jumped.

The video from Vitantonio to Zitellini contained other messages but police did not say what else he said in it. The reasons for Vitantonia committing suicide have been kept under wraps.

Police also did not say if they knew about anything that could have urged him to commit suicide. It is also not known whether Vitantonio and Zitellini had an argument before he jumped.

The wife did not release any statement regarding the matter.

Vitantonio, 27, was an Italian national. He is not affiliated with Skydive DeLand. The Washington Post reported that a representative from Skydive DeLand said the deceased was a licensed skydiver and had undergone training to jump alone. He also paid for his spot on the plane.

Other reports noted that Vitantonio worked with the skydiving facility but the company countered that statement. It was found out that he was employed with United Parachute Technologies, another company in the area. The wife also worked at the company.

Vitantonio’s death marks the fifth death [VIDEO] at Skydive DeLand in a span of four years, according to Time. He had jumped 600 times and his Facebook profile showed photos of him up in the air. His profile picture showed him smiling as he held someone else's hand, probably that of his wife, while skydiving.