Ariana Grande was named as the first Honorary Citizen by the City of Manchester. According to E! News, Manchester City Council came up with this decision to express more love for the 24-year-old singer after the tragic bombing in Manchester Arena on May 22.

The council leader of Manchester, Richard Leese, explained to the council members the reasons why Ariana Grande deserves such an award. Read on to know how the City of Manchester came up with this step.

Manchester admires Ariana Grande’s determination

According to Leese, they would have understood if the “One Last Time” hitmaker did not want to return after her tragic concert in Manchester.

However, Ariana was determined not perform at any other venue if she cannot return to Manchester. In result, she immediately became an inspiration to those who were victims of the bombing.

“She raised millions for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund," Richard Leese pointed out. The 66-year-old politician is the person who proposed, making Grande the first honorary citizen of Manchester. The city initially expressed their interest in giving the said award last month.

Following the One Love Manchester concert that Ariana organized in June, Manchester has announced plans of giving the singer the said award. Unfortunately, the terrorist attack killed twenty-two people while others were injured.

Ariana Grande stays strong after the Manchester attack

The “Dangerous Woman” singer promised her fans that she will be stronger despite what happened. Ariana Grande said she will continue to honor the fans that died during the incident and will put them forever in her hearts. The singer pointed out that music is something that can heal and make people happy, which hopefully continues even after the circumstance they have been through in her concert.

With this, the officials of Manchester Town Hall admired Grande for showcasing the spirit of community and doing selfless acts. Leese explained those people who are making positive contributions to their city are worth recognizing. Fortunately, Leese’s proposal became official after it was approved by the council.

Grande has been through a lot, as a man was recently arrested after threatening another attack at her concert in Costa Rica.

The 22-year-old Columbian Male was captured due to posting threats online, Rolling Stone reports.

On a brighter note, her Costa Rica concert went on as planned. It can be recalled that she canceled some of her tours in Europe after the Manchester attack. Furthermore, Ariana Grande immediately hit the road again and will continue touring in Australia, Asia, and Zealand this August.