Recently, the G-20 summit was held in Germany. The summit garnered immense interest not because of political reason, but because of a very controversial incident. At this particular summit, people witnessed that the seat of U.S. President Trump had been taken over by his daughter, Ivanka, alongside the British prime minister and the Chinese president, while President Trump was busy having a one-on-one meeting with the president of Indonesia.

Trump is criticized

The action created yeat another awkward situation for the newly elected U.S. president, who was attacked online.

However, the president is of the opinion that allowing his daughter to take his seat at Hamburg is not something out of the ordinary. Rather, according to him, this particular action would have been quite acceptable if Hilary Clinton had been the president of the United States, as she too, may have made a similar decision.

If Hilary Clinton had allowed her daughter Chelsea to be at the summit, the media would not have reacted. They would have rather cheered the decision. Chelsea Clinton, however, said that her parents would not have taken any such decision, according to CNN.

White House is against the claim that Chelsea Clinton has been attacked

The White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, however, stated that President Trump never intended to attack Chelsea Clinton.

She stated that the tweets that were being made by President Trump did not in any way attack the Clintons; rather it was a response to the attack that was made. It was in response to the fingers that rose against the senior advisory person of the White House.

According to her, if Ivanka did not have the last name Trump, then she would not have to face so many attacks.

Rather she would have been celebrated and she also added that the fact that Ivanka held her father's seat in the summit is something that the White House is proud of.

The younger Clinton is now the target of President Trump

Political experts are of the opinion that, as her mother Hilary Clinton lost the elections last year, she has been the butt of criticism by President Trump.

He chose social media to criticize the younger Clinton and the whole of the Clinton family. Last week, Trump, in his tweet, mentioned that the Clinton family had inappropriate ties to Russia.

A few days later, Chelsea Clinton attacked the chief strategist of White House, Steve Bannon, for using "fat shaming" in order to justify their opacity. In spite of these War Of Words that have taken place between the Clinton family, and especially between 37-year-old Chelsea Clinton and Mr. Trump, both Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump claim that they are very good friends.