One of the suspects in the Little Rock, Arkansas nightclub shooting was identified as the rapper who headlined at the concert that night. A total of 28 people were injured from the shooting.

The shooting took place on Saturday morning at around 2 a.m. at the Power Ultra Lounge. More than 30 shots were heard per witness accounts in a span of 10 seconds. Twenty-five of the 28 people injured suffered from gunshot wounds while the three others sustained injuries from the stampede, CNN reported. Two of the 25 people injured from gunshots are reportedly still in critical condition.

Police say rapper is considered as person of interest

The rapper who headlined that evening is Finese2Tymes, born Ricky Hampton. He and another suspect, identified as Kentrell Gwynn, were arrested without incident while they were at Side Effects Club in Birmingham, Alabama. The arrest took place a day after the shooting but he has not been extradited yet back to Little Rock. Both are at the Jefferson County jail in Alabama.

Previous reports said that Little Rock Police Department Chief Kenton Buckner expressed concern over Finese2Tymes as he already had two warrants in the past. Other sources also told CNN that the arrest of the rapper is related to aggravated assault charges from a previous incident in Forrest City, Arkansas.

There were no charges filed against him yet regarding the Power Ultra Lounge nightclub shooting.

Two other concerts where rapper performed resulted to shootings

A report from Arkansas Matters said that Finese2Tymes performed at two recent concerts aside from the one in Arkansas and in those two other performances, shootings also erupted.

Details about these two instances remained scarce regarding where the two concerts took place and if there were injuries or casualties.

When Finese2Tumes and Gwynn were arrested, police in Birmingham found two handguns and an AK-47 inside a Mercedes. It is unclear if these weapons were used in the Little Rock nightclub shooting as police did not provide information yet whether the rapper was one of those who fired the shots.

Little Rock night club shooting not an act of terror

Many assumed that the shooting in Little Rock on Saturday was an act of terror but police cleared that the shooting was a result of gang rivalry. It is believed that groups had disputes that escalated to the shooting. Other suspects from the incident were not yet revealed or arrested.