A 13-year-old girl went missing last week and her remains were found at a home in Dallas over the weekend. There are four people of interest being questioned by police now.

The discovery of the girl’s body ended the four-day search of the police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Aside from the girl, Shavon Randle, the body of an unidentified male was also found inside the Dallas home.

Police detail how they found Shavon Randle

Police said in a statement that they already told the family of Randle that they located her remains. They added that they received a tip that told police to look for Randle at the Dallas home where she was found.

They did not say who the tipster is.

Although the police confirmed that Randle and another male was found inside the home, they did not say what the conditions of the bodies were. They also did not reveal the cause of death of the two victims.

Shavon Randle’s kidnapper threatened to harm her

Randle lived in Lancaster and she went missing on Wednesday morning. The circumstances surrounding how she went missing were not revealed. Police did not say where Randle was heading to when she was kidnapped, Huffington Post reported.

Hours after Randle went missing, one of the suspected kidnappers called her parents. There were two calls and in one of them, the kidnapper who spoke to her parents said that they would harm her if they reported this to the police.

One of the two calls was even made on the phone of Randle, which also went missing when she was nowhere to be found, confirmed Lancaster Police Sgt. Eric Alexander.

Suspects identified

There were five suspects identified related to the killing. They are 19-year-old Michael Titus, 24-year-old Devontae Owens, 25-year-old Laporshya Polley, 26-year-old Darius Fields and 30-year-old Laquon Wilkerson.

Owens and Wilkerson were arrested over the weekend while Polley and Fields were taken into custody at a later time. Titus is still being searched by officials. It is unclear if the suspects are in any way related to the teen.

Family heartbroken, do not know why they would kill a 13-year-old

Two of the aunts of Randle, Laura and Jessie, said that they do not have answers to their questions now that is why they are having a difficult time accepting her death. They also said that they do not know why the 13-year-old was kidnapped and killed. They described their niece as bubbly and full of joy.

Her parents have not released any statement yet.