A day before President Donald trump posted a fake CNN wrestling video, he defended his use of social media amid heavy criticism after his sexist tweets against Mika Brzezinski. The real estate billionaire debunked a common comment from both political parties that his behaviour is not presidential but "modern day presidential."

However, actor George Takei pointed out the POTUS behavior is instead "prehistoric caveman." Takei is just one of the growing number of Celebrities who expressed their disgust at the push for violent behavior toward media that Trump just encouraged with his Tweet.

Mental incapacity to lead the nation

Trump’s series of the tweets the past few days just confirmed to the world the crazy and dangerous side of the president which was evident even during the campaign days. Tweets, like those posted by Lauren Jauregui, a member of Fifth Harmony, which asked, “How the f**k are you a president,” summed up the feelings of many people who had observed the recent behavior of the White House occupant, The New York Daily News reported.

It is a negative feeling felt across the political spectrum which Democrats are now using as a rallying point to create a panel that would assess the mental stability of Trump.

The disbelief how a president could act the way Trump does led actress Mia Farrow to tweet this.

Author J.K. Rowling, one of the fiercest critics of Trump, cited in her tweet a former president who acted with dignity.

Another former White House occupant noted the irony of the 241 years between July 2, 1776, and July 2, 2017.

During the first date, members of Continental Congress voted for independence, while on July 2, 2017, Trumped auditioned for WWE, tweeted Chelsea Clinton.

Straight jacket for the mental patient

Josh Gad agreed with Chelsea that 2017 is the year the office of the president “forever lost any significance or meaning.” At the heart of these tweets from celebrities is the question of the sanity or Trump who loves to call people who displeased him, such as former FBI Director James Comey, a “nut job.” For Kevin Zegers, the one who belongs to a nut house and should be brought to a mental institution in a straight jacket is the former host of “The Apprentice.”

Steven Pasquale hits both Trump, whom he said is “going mad right in front of us daily” and the GOP for not doing anything. Albert Brooks, however, clarified the CNN wrestle tweet is Trump’s practice to wrestle Russian President Vladimir Putin for global control.