Ann Coulter went into meltdown mode on Twitter after her apparently pre-booked extra room seat was given to another passenger on a Delta Airline flight on Saturday. Anne Coulter critics - of which there are legion - were delighted. Saturday night saw a surge of tweets that five-starred the airline. The Washington Examiner reported that the conservative author's "tweet storm included criticizing the airline's protocol, WiFi, and even shaming another customer by posting a photo of the passenger taking the author's seat."

Ann Coulter was roasted after her Delta meltdown

Referring to the passenger who was given the extra room seat as "the WOMAN," which shamed an innocent Delta passenger needlessly, brought out the memes and a Twitter storm that inadvertently gave Kudos to Delta and an opportunity for trolling back at Coulter.

Calling Delta the suckiest airline in the world and the worst for putting "some woman" in her extra room seat drew little sympathy from those who objected to the fact that the author and commentator made her name, (as described by the Independent), "by pushing a hardline anti-immigration stance and who praised Mr. Trump’s June 2015 speech accusing Mexicans of being “rapists.”

People have long memories and one tweet evidenced this beautifully.

Delta Airlines gets some unexpected love from Coulter detractors

The Coulter meltdown resulted in Delta getting some unexpected love out of the story.

Despite a history of making the news over controversial passenger conflict in recent times, that was set aside as her detractors seized the opportunity to make a meal over the meltdown.

Anger over Ann Coulter involving an innocent woman in her problems

Apart from Delta Airlines experiencing sudden love, people were angry that Ann Coulter had taken a photo of someone who was just going about her own business.

Getting her photo taken without permission and seeing it splashed across social media did not go down well.

Was it really necessary to take photos of a young woman, without even bothering to ask her name?

How necessary was it to expose her to Coulter's numerous followers?

Airline rage not the first incident by Coulter

This incident was not the first time Coulter went into a meltdown. In April 2005, it was reported in a number of blogs and apparently verified on Ann Coulter's own website page that she was furious for being singled out by security at the Harrisburg, PA Airpot. Ann Coulter was quoted as describing her experience with secuity at the Harrisburg, PA airport as, "took special care in waving the wand over my barefeet — barefeet!

— but then quickly turned to the main issue at hand: the risk of an exploding bra."

New York Daily News reported that, "A Delta spokesman said the airline is looking into the incident. We are aware of the customer’s comment and we’re reaching out directly to her to address the complaint,” he said.