It happened on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee on April 18, when Kimi Hamilton urgently needed to use the Bathroom when the flight was getting ready for takeoff. As everyone knows, nature sometimes calls at the worst possible time, but in Hamilton’s case, it led to him being kicked off the flight. As reported by the International Business Times, Hamilton was just trying to get home to his wife and kids when the incident happened.

According to a statement by Delta Air Lines, it is required under federal law that passengers comply with instructions from flight crew, or face the risk of being assumed a security risk.

In Hamilton’s case, this became a huge problem.

Fellow passenger on the Delta Air Lines flight called it an ‘outrage’

According to Krista Rosolino, a fellow Passenger on the Delta Air Lines flight, the fact Hamilton was removed from the flight was an outrage, as well as the fact that all passengers had to leave the plane as it returned to the gate in Atlanta. Rosolino headed to social media to show her feelings and defend Hamilton, a man she didn’t even know.

Hamilton was reportedly traveling alone, while Rosolino and her husband Mike were sitting across the aisle from him with their infant daughter. The Rosolinos told WLTX19 that the plane was taxiing to the runway, but then passengers were informed it was third in line for takeoff.

While at this stage, passengers should remain seated, the wait to take off was then extended to around 30 minutes.

Passenger was forced by delays to use the bathroom

Hamilton reportedly needed the bathroom, but had decided to wait it out until they were in the air.

However, with the delay in takeoff, Hamilton had a real problem. He explained that the plane wasn't taking off and was still on the ground, so he walked to the bathroom at the rear of the aircraft. A flight attendant then told Hamilton that if he used the bathroom, the flight would lose its place in the queue, so he returned to his seat.

However, the urgency to use the bathroom got stronger. Hamilton says he then returned to the bathroom, entered and finally relieved himself.

Hamilton said things moved quickly from there. The pilot made an announcement, apologizing to passengers, but telling them the plane had to return to the gate to remove a passenger. At that stage two Delta agents approached Hamilton, one after another, telling him to get his things together and get off the plane. Knowing they wouldn’t let him back on, Hamilton refused. This led to flight crew deplaning all the passengers on the flight. The other passengers were later allowed to reboard, but Hamilton was detained.

Speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Hamilton explained that he doesn’t normally pee before he gets on the plane and has never had a problem like this before.

He added that he doesn’t remember drinking an abnormal amount of water, but the wait became so intense, he found he couldn’t hold it any longer.

Passenger kicked off the flight

When he left the plane, Hamilton found FBI agents waiting for him on the tarmac, along with Delta personnel. Hamilton says he remained calm throughout the incident on the plane and during questioning in the airport terminal. He believes that helped save him from being arrested for interfering with the flight. Delta Air Lines refunded part of the ticket price, leaving him to find his own way back to Milwaukee. The gate agents told him his checked luggage would be waiting for him when he got there.

Hamilton then had to pay three times the cost of his original ticket to fly with Southwest Airlines and arrived home at around 11 p.m.

that night, much later than planned.

Delta Air Lines stressed in their statement about the incident on Wednesday that it is imperative passengers comply with crew instructions throughout the flight, but especially at takeoff and landing.

The airline was, however, in the news recently for a more positive reason, when they offered passengers free pizza during flight delays in bad weather.