After six months of coming into the White House, Trump is now holding a prominent record. Trump has become the most unpopular US President in last 70 years of the US history. A poll carried by Gallup revealed Donald Trump's popularity in public.

Donald Trump: 6% decline in popularity since last poll

Donald Trump's approval rating has fallen to a 6% as compared to his first 100 days in the office. Gallup has been conducting the approval rating poll of all US President's presidencies since Harry S Truman. Gallup conducts the approval rating poll after six months presidency of the US presidents.

The approval rating poll held by Gallup revealed Trump's approval rating at just 36% which already showed a 6% decline since the last approval rating poll at Trump's 100 days in the office.

To achieve this record breaking lowest rating, Donald Trump beat out Gerald Ford (Former President) who was holding the lowest popularity position as a President with 39% approval rating.

Donald Trump: among Presidents with highest and lowest approval ratings

Former Presidents with highest approval ratings include John F Kennedy who stood at 75% while the most popular President was Harry S Truman who had 82% of approval rating by the US public. Donald Trump also got himself disapproved by 58% people where he competes with the former President Bill Clinton, who was disapproved by 51%.

If we look into history, usually it takes months instead of years for Presidents to attain 'majority disapproval' by the public.

However, In Trump's case, the disapproval rate accelerated quite rapidly because Trump's unpopularity comes just after six months of his presidency at the lowest as compared to Barrack Obama, whose disapproval went least in his sixth year of Presidency.

Donald Trump: US position weakened over global issues

As per the Gallup Poll, 48% of the people 'thoroughly disapproved' Donald Trump's performance as the President which is still higher than Barrack Obama which came in Obama's fifth year of presidency. Gallup poll was held with the contribution of ABC News and The Washington Post.

It is considered that Trump's ties with Russian authorities and individuals are the primary reasons that drove his rating to the lowest. Other factors that shattered Trump's rating might include his non-seriousness involvement in almost every 'trendy topic' on Social Media.

Half of the People who took part in the Gallup poll stated that US representation has weakened on the Global stage after Donald Trump sat in the driving seat.