Their names are regularly combined in the media, and their relationship is even the subject of an investigation by the FBI. However, this will be the first time that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet this Friday, July 7 in Hamburg, at the meeting of the G20 summit.

Position of distrust

General HR McMaster said President Trump wanted a "more constructive" relationship with his Russian counterpart and expected to "respond to the destabilizing behavior" of Moscow. This position of distrust predicts a delicate meeting, in reverse of the generosity displayed by both during the presidential campaign.

"We are going to have a wonderful relationship with Putin and Russia," said Donald Trump. According to some experts, Trump was the man of Moscow, pushed to the presidency thanks to the intervention of Russia.

In October 2016, all US intelligence agencies had publicly reported a Moscow intervention in the hacking of Democratic party mailboxes to downgrade Hillary Clinton. In January 2017, they stated that Vladimir Putin had himself ordered it. The intelligence community believes that Russia's goal was to favor one candidate over another, to help Donald Trump to be elected.

Trump-Putin relations

The relationship between some influential men of the government formed by Donald Trump with Putin's Russia still heightening suspicions of collusion.

Moreover, suggests that the axis US-Russia will only be strengthened in the coming years. Rex Tillerson negotiated large oil contracts with Putin when he was at the head of Exxon Mobil.

Michael Flynn had to resign after three weeks of a mandate for having potentially illegal discussions with Russia and was paid more than $ 50,000 in 2015 by three Russian or Russian-related companies; Carter Page, International Affairs Advisor.

Sex tape, Trump, and Putin

However, Trump and Putin have in fact very quickly aroused questions about their intentions on each other. The US media unveiled in early January a list of information from an explosive record on the intimate life and finances of Donald Trump, accumulated by Russian sources.

Moscow has been supporting Donald Trump over the last five years with the aim of sowing discord in the United States and the Western world, and the existence of a video of a sexual nature filmed clandestinely by the Russian services during a visit of the billionaire to Moscow in 2013.

While the two presidents are in honeymoon, the existence of such a file (denied by Putin) is surprising. Scholars see this information if proven, evidence that the Russian president, former director of the FSB, is accumulating "marbles" on his American counterpart (Trump). If Putin is also happy with the election of Donald Trump, it is because he thinks he is maneuvering.

Trump challenged Russia

Donald Trump also showed that he could challenge Vladimir Putin and distance himself. He even surprised the Russian president on his ground, Syria, where he had been the master of the game since 2015. On April 6, the US president approved a major attack on an air base of the southeastern Syrian Army Of Homs, in response to the alleged chemical attack on Khan Shaykhun.