Sarah Cummins of Carmel, Indiana had planned for two years to have the perfect celebration of her marriage to fiancé Logan Araujo. However, the 25-year-old Bride-to-be was heartbroken when deciding to call off the Wedding a week before it was supposed to happen on Saturday. Rather than let the non-refundable celebration go to waste, she invited 170 Homeless people from the area to enjoy a feast like no other.

Bride-to-be plans 170-guest reception, gives it to the homeless

Cummins had taken two years to plan the 170-guest wedding celebration to be held at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, Indiana.

She told The Indy Star that it was devastating when she canceled her wedding, especially as the contract with the venue was nonrefundable. While she wouldn’t tell the newspaper why she canceled her wedding, she said she didn’t want the $30,000 celebration to go to waste.

Cummins said she called everyone to cancel the wedding and apologize, then called the vendors, while crying all the time. She then said she felt really sick at the thought of throwing away the food she had ordered for the reception. It was her former fiancé who had paid most of the bill, while Cummins and her parents and an Araujo family friend had paid the balance.

Cummins spoke with Araujo, and they both agreed to her plan to invite the homeless population in town to enjoy a feast.

Homeless guests were suitably dressed by donations

Community members kindly donated suitable clothing to residents from various homeless shelters in Noblesville and Indianapolis, who arrived at the hotel dressed to the nines.

They went on to feast on goat cheese, bourbon-glazed meatballs, roasted garlic bruschetta, and chicken breast served with a Chardonnay cream sauce and artichokes. The homeless guests then dined on the wedding cake.

One of the guests was Erik Jensen, who is a resident of the Wheeler Mission homeless shelter. He said what was going to be a huge tragedy for Cummins turned into a great opportunity for himself and his fellow homeless guests.

He went on to say it was a perfect opportunity to spread love and was a very nice thing for her to do. As reported by ABC News, Charlie Allen was another guest at the event, who has been a homeless mission for three months. He was given a donated jacket and was thrilled, saying he thought he looked "pretty nice" in it.

Some good memories to draw on in the future

As for Cummins, she said her canceled wedding won’t only be heartache, as she will have kind of a happy memory to draw from, as she had planned on making it the perfect celebration. When asked what she was going to do with the wedding dress, she said it was too painful to think about.

However, her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic didn’t go to waste either, as Araujo kindly transferred his ticket to Cummins’ mother, who will accompany her on the trip.