Occasionally we are given a respite from endless jawing from Russians and the Trump family and the Senate Republicans fumbling over reforming health care reform with stories of airlines abusing passengers. From the man who was dragged unceremoniously off of a United Airlines flight, to an American Airlines flight attendant hitting a passenger with a stroller, we are shocked and awed by the depths to which the people who jet us from place to place can make the experience a living hell. Now, Delta Airlines has abused a Passenger who can make her complaints widely known.

Ann Coulter has been affronted by an airline, and she intends to let all of us know about it.

What Delta Airlines did to Ann Coulter

Apparently what happened is that Coulter had arranged to be in a seat that has extra leg room only to be forced to move to a less desirable seat at the last minute to make way for another passenger. She was not given any explanation, apology, or offer of compensation. Coulter points out that the other passenger was not an air marshal or an unusually tall person who might need the extra leg room.

What Coulter is doing to the airline

So far, Coulter is complaining on Twitter, even going so far as to send a photo of the woman who took her seat away from her. She was also unhappy with the WiFi arrangements, which inhibited her ability to complain in real time.

If Coulter chooses to, she can make considerable trouble for the airline. She has a nationally syndicated column and is a frequent guest on cable news outlets such as Fox News. She is also a best-selling author. Coulter has a well-known ability to rain snark and sarcasm on targets of her ire, which includes politicians and rival media personalities.

Delta responds

Somewhat belatedly, Delta Airlines has responded. The airline suggests that the seat change was a minor one and was in the same row. It said that it is reaching out to Coulter to hear more of her side of the story. The clear implication was that the six-foot tall conservative firebrand got a seat equivalent to the one she had booked.

Two ways exist to look at the incident. On the one hand, most people are not prepared to cut an airline any slack. Too many cases have happened where passengers are abused for that to happen. On the other hand, Ann Coulter is a polarizing figure who delights in making people angry. Some on social media are even suggesting that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. In any case, we have not heard the end of this.