Donald Trump: 54 percent disapproved his presidency: - Overall, 44 percent of respondents said they approve of Donald Trump's handling of the presidency which contrasts to the 54 percent who disapprove. These are figures that were similar to those recorded by the two previous CNN/ORC surveys which were made after his inauguration. However, 44 percent puts Trump at the bottom of the approval ratings received by newly elected presidents during their first 100 Days since the start of the modern polling era. The tycoon occupies that position with a wide margin of 11 points to Bill Clinton who himself is in second place.

In his first 100 days, Mr. Trump issued more executive orders that Obama issued in a year.

Donald Trump: reasons for this disapproval

The survey found that Donald Trump's levels of favorability declined because of the way he handled two priority issues since taking office. These issues were health care and immigration. About six in 10 Americans disapprove of the way Trump has taken over these issues. In addition, the trend has tilted to the negative side for both cases since early March. Trump’s numbers have remained firm regarding his approach towards foreign affairs and national security after making several high-profile decisions on these issues over the past month.

Donald Trump: not everyone thinks this way

54 percent of respondents now argue that things are going well in the country, up from 46 percent in February. That figure coincides with the 54 percent rise in October last year. Likewise, nearly six out of every 10 people who participated in the survey indicate that conditions in the United States are good.

This is a rebound compared to the mid-January percentage.

Donald Trump: Republican portion has grown rapidly

With the general increase in these numbers, there are also sharp partisan changes. Indeed, the positive assessment from Democrats has fallen since President Barack Obama left the White House while the Republican portion has grown rapidly.

Still, the majority remain with a negative impression on the way that Donald Trump has handled the presidency until now.

Most claim that Trump has not given enough attention to the most important problems in the United States (55 percent), as well as that he is not working in an efficient manner (51 percent). They also agree that Trump's work has been bad in the area of building a team of senior advisers in the White House (56 percent) and keeping the promises of his campaign (52 percent).