It has been rumored that Beyonce is allowing her five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, to be in the delivery room to watch the birth of her twin siblings. Parenting experts and people on social media thought the idea was crazy because of the child's age. A day later, there is news that a Mississippi doctor allowed a 12-year-old girl to deliver her baby brother, according to ABC News.

It had not been planned that way, but it was reported that Dede Carraway was in the delivery room and her daughter Jacee was with her. When Dr. Walter Wolfe was getting ready to deliver the baby, he asked Jacee if she wanted to deliver her baby brother.

He suited her up and stood behind her, guiding her little hands throughout the entire delivery. He assisted her in doing everything correctly. He showed her how to cut the umbilical cord while her father stood by videotaping the birth. Now Jacee can tell her little brother that she delivered him at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. The baby weighed 7 lb., 6 oz. and was named Carson.

What the mother said

The proud mother described the special delivery as a rare and emotional experience. She says her daughter wanted to be in the delivery room a couple of years ago when her middle son was born, but they thought against it because she was only ten years old at the time. Since this was to be the last child the Carraways plan to have, they allowed Jacee to be in the delivery room.

It wasn't planned for her to actually deliver the baby, but when the doctor asked Jacee if she wanted to do so, she was very excited to do it.

Bragging rights

A lot of older siblings brag because they are older. One twin might brag if she or he was born just one minute earlier. Jacee definitely has bragging rights and will be sure to tell her brother more than once that she delivered him.

Not many other kids can say that.

The mother said she couldn't stop crying because of her daughter's actions. Also, it was a special moment after seeing her so excited after she had delivered Carson. Both mother and daughter agreed that it was something they will never forget.

After the story and photos were posted on Facebook, it was liked 173,000 times and shared 157,620 times, with over 15,000 comments.

The numbers are increasing very rapidly and are probably higher by now because people are fascinated by the story. The comments are mostly positive, with people saying that Carson and Jacee will forever have a special bond.