On Thursday, all eyes were focused on former FBI Director James Comey as he gave his long-awaited testimony in Congress. While the story dominated the headlines, the White House is denying that Donald Trump was paying attention.

Conway on Trump

For the better part of the last two years, Donald Trump has been faced with the allegations that he's been working with Russia in one form or another. As expected, Trump and his team have denied the charges, despite mounting evidence that continues to pile on the former host of "The Apprentice." Ever since being sworn into office last January, the scandal involving Russia has only increased, backing the president into a corner which has resulted in an approval rating that has dropped below 40 percent.

After Trump decided to fire James Comey last month, the move received instant backlash mostly due to the fact that the former director of the FBI was leading the investigation into Russian interference in the election. On Thursday, James testified in front of Congress in regards to his prior meetings with the president, accusing Trump of lying and defacing his name following his termination. Trump hasn't issued a personal response over the allegations, but Kellyanne Conway did address the issue during a Fox News interview on June 8 followed by a tweet later on that night.

While speaking to Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Thursday, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway continued to deflect from questions about Donald Trump's reaction to the James Comey testimony.

"So today at the White House it was business as usual," Conway said, before trying to put the focus on the other events the president took part in during the day. When asked if he watched the testimony, Conway refused to give a straight answer, replying, "He's aware of the testimony. He had a lot of meetings this morning."

Martha MacCallum then pressed the former campaign manager on whether or not Donald Trump actually had secret tapes of his conversations with James Comey, but Kellyanne Conway continued to deflect.

"I can't comment on that," she said. Conway was asked on two more occasions, but repeated herself each time saying, "I can't comment on that."

Twitter reacts

After appearing on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway decided to post a portion of the interview on her Twitter account, which triggered a negative reaction on social media. "'Business as usual' = hiding Trump's phone from him during Comey hearing," comedian Kristina Wong tweeted out.

"I believe that. Every day some sh*t hits the fan at your place of employment, so, yes, this certainly was biz as usual," another Twitter user wrote. "Dismantling anything that can help the people or protect the market and protecting the billionaires. So much for the party of the working man," an additional tweet noted.

"Are you & hubby in separate rooms yet, or is he clear that you're a lying liar who like money & exposure?" another social media user wondered. The backlash continued as the aftermath of the James Comey hearing has only continued to divide the American people.