Clashes in the Middle East and the blockade of Qatar have sparked new problems in Washington and a parallel foreign policy run by the White House and the State Department. On one side are the chiefs of defense and diplomacy, James Mattis and Rex Tillerson, and the other president Donald Trump and his advisor Jared Kushner. If it is judged by the insider's report by renowned analyst and journalist Mark Perry, the situation is slowly getting out of control and the two powerful ministers are increasingly losing patience with Kushner, as well as Trump, who as a sponge absorbs every Kushner's word.

Qatar was the first one to help the US

What is so troubling for Mattis and Tillerson when it comes to Qatar blockage? Six years ago, when Libya was in the middle of a war in its first phase as Gaddafi was alive, Qatar was the first of the Middle East nations to help to the US. Their air force first came to assist the rebels who attacked Gaddafi's soldiers. And this operation was not just a symbolic character. The Qatar army trained rebels, supplied them with weapons, even drafted the entire operation of the last attack on Gaddafi's fort in the capital, Tripoli. So, they were not like the United States who was tracking everything out of the way, Qatar was on the first line, Perry writes.

"We never had to hold them by the hand, they knew well what to do," said an unnamed US Army officer who was eternally grateful to Qatar for help.

And what is worse for Trump, he is not the only one. The Pentagon remembers very well how Katar helped them and there are few people there who approve the blockade of a rich emirate led by the Saudis in cooperation with Egypt and several other Arab countries. And 'Mad Dog' Mattis also remembers the role of Qatar, and that is why he first started to deal with the disorder that caused the other Middle East countries led by Saudi Arabia.

Mattis received the news of the blockade while he was in Australia and he was surprised, according to Perry.

The Saudis chose the wrong battle

"The first was the shock, and then the disbelief." The Saudis, in his opinion, chose the wrong battle. What they did is completely unnecessary, and in the moment when almost complete a unique frontier in the region united against Iran, said an unnamed source from the US Army was with Mattis in Sydney.

A similar reaction also came by Rex Tillerson, who was in Australia with Mattis. The two of them went there to try to repair the damage after Trump's rejection of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Transparent Trade Partnership. However, their stay there soon turned into an attempt to remedy quite another damage.

But then happened something they did not expect. Tillerson and Mattis were given a 'fist in the eye' by their own boss. While they called for calming the situation, Donald Trump publicly stated in Pink White House that "Qatar was well-known sponsor of terrorism."

In Tillerson's camp, they even found a culprit for the whole situation - Jared Kushner. Namely, Trump's son in law is an excellent friend with United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaib, a man who is, by some opinions, the author of the words Trump pronounced.

Those words were given to the President by Kushner himself.

To make the story even worse for Tillerson, when two completely controversial American views (Tillerson's and Trump's) on Qatar went public, White House officials told reporters that only Trump's attitude was relevant.

"Every time we would ask for something from Qatar they would say "yes". On the other hand, this can not be said for Saudis. They do not help us, they only cause problems. See the mess in Yemen, an American military official said, adding that Qatar was the first to warn of ISIS danger.

The State Department and the Pentagon are not against Trump just because of the historical merit attributed to Qatar. It should not be forgotten that the Pentagon has been negotiating with the state of the sale of arms for billions of dollars for years, and there is a huge US military base located near Doha, which coordinates operations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

However, what Tillerson and Mattis are most concerned about, and what Kushner obviously did not think off, is the fact that blocking Qatar could drastically change the whole geopolitical situation in the Middle East. Turkey has immediately supported Qatar. The result is more than clear - the alliance of Iran, Qatar, and Turkey with the utter support from Russia.