The Financial Times published an article stating the reasons that may be the cause for the diplomatic blockade of Qatar. "Qatar has paid jihadists up to $ 1 billion in ransom for royal family members who were kidnapped in Iraq," the British newspaper wrote, claiming that this was precisely the main reason for the current diplomatic crisis.

Abort of all connections with neighboring states

Until November last year it was not clear whether the kidnapped princes were still alive, but then they began negotiations trough Iran with militants detained in Syria.

The final agreement was allegedly concluded in April when the ransom was paid to leaders of jihadist groups and civil servants. This move allegedly angered Saudi Arabia, the largest economic and army force on the peninsula.

Flights are interrupted to and from Doha, which has been ruled by several Arab countries. This decision came into effect on Tuesday, while mediation attempts are being continued to overcome the unprecedented crisis surrounding Qatar. Right now. Qatar is isolated and accused of supporting the terrorism. Economic measures have been taken, such as the closure of all land and sea borders between these countries and Qatar.

The US wants to mediate in solving the problem

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Minister Jim Mattis announced on Monday that they did not expect the decision of some Arab countries to cease diplomatic relations with Qatar and have called upon them to resolve mutual disputes.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and the internationally recognized Yemeni government announced on Monday that they will cease diplomatic ties with Qatar. These countries accused Qatar of "supporting terrorism", especially the Al Qaeda networks, the Islamic State (IS) group, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

This kind of matter is precedent in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the economic and political union of six states on Arab peninsula.

"I do not believe this act will have any significant influence on a common fight against terrorism in the region or in the world," Tillerson said in Sydney after meeting with Australian defense officials. The Gulf region plays an important role in the American struggle against the Islamic State. Bahrain is the home of US Navy fleet, guarding the Middle East and Central Asia, while the Al Udeid Air Force is located in Qatar from which the United States attacks the militants in the region. Tillerson called on states from the Council to resolve their disputes and expressed the readiness of the United States to mediate in the dispute.