Senator Jeff flake, one of the most prominent Republican voices and critic to the Trump Presidency came through on Tuesday with a fiery speech which may be summarized in one word: Enough. However, not only did Senator Flake expressed dissatisfaction at the recently elected President, but he was also extremely sharp toward the members of Donald Trump's staff.

The speech

During his speech on Tuesday afternoon, Senator Jeff Flake had no room for shyness and read through a speech encumbered with heavy criticism and controversial declarations.

Flake addressed Donald Trump directly several times during his discourse, accusing him of being reckless, outrageous, and of “undignified behavior.” He further elaborated that by saying when such behavior emanates from the "top of our government," it is something else.

It is a danger to democracy.

The Senator also addressed his fellow Republicans by asking what will we say "when the next generation asks us, why didn't you do something? Why didn't you speak up? What are we going to say?” Jeff Flake ended this phrase with words that will headline the news for weeks: “Mr. President, I rise today to say, enough.”

Furthermore, Senator Jeff Flake also had something to say about the US President’s tweeting habits by insinuating that his tweets are a threat to “the stability of the whole world.”

Jeff Flake's step down from re-election

Jeff Flake was elected Senator for the state for the state of Arizona in the year 2012. The 54-year-old Senator is considered to be a “moderate” Republican, vouching for pro-immigration policies and free-trade views.

Needless to say, these attributes do not correspond with the course of action that the current White House administration is undertaking.

These discrepancies in political philosophy have been perhaps too much for Flake to endure, alongside with other more personal feelings towards the attitudes of the US President, and so, during his recent speech, he has announced that he will not be running for re-election in the year 2018.

Perhaps this course of action and the freedom of obligation to rerun his candidacy will grant him the possibility to voice his opposition to the White House unencumbered by the pressure of his peers in Congress. Be that as it may, Senator Jeff Flake has fired yet another shot in this verbal war surrounding the controversial President of United States of America.