jared kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law and one of his most influential advisers, found himself under the FBI investigation as part of an investigation into the possible linkage of Trump and his people with the Russian authorities who were trying to influence the outcome of US presidential elections, NBC News reports. Investigators believe Kushner has important information that could be used in the investigation but they stressed that he has no suspect status so far and are not planning to file any reports against him.

Trump's senior consultant is the person of interest

The very fact that he became a subject of interest in the investigation brought the FBI to the oval office door. Washington Post reported last week that one of Trump's senior consultants is the 'Person Of Interest' in the investigation. But the Post did not name the consultant.

Unnamed officials say Kushner is currently in a different position than the former head of the Trump campaign Paul Manafort and his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who have already been served the binding court orders to surrender any information they have to the grand jury that ultimately decides whether there are grounds to initiate criminal proceedings.

For now, there is no information that any order like that was delivered to Kushner.

It is also unclear what kind of accurate information the investigators are aiming at when it comes to Kushner. As is well known, the investigation into relations with Russia is being overseen by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, who was assigned to duty ten days ago in the wake of an affair surrounding the auxiliary shift of Mueller's successor to FBI James Comey.

Kushner met with Kislyak

It is known that at least once in December last year, after Trump's election victory, Kushner met with Russian Ambassador to America Sergei Kislyak and with Russian banker Serge Gorkov last year.

"Mr. Kushner has already said he is ready to give Congress all the information on those meetings. He is prepared to do the same if contacted by people who conduct other investigations," his lawyer Jamie Gorelick said.

Gorkov is the leader of a Russian state-owned financial institution that has been under US sanctions since July 2014 for financial support to pro-Russian separatists in the east of Ukraine and has been attending the FSB, the Russian secret service.