yahoo, the cash-hemorrhaging former Internet giant, has been officially felled by superior algorithms and the more powerful search capacity of looming Google. At the end, Yahoo was a second rate search vehicle with a third rate News operation delivering a liberal slant that likely contributed to its demise. Yahoo’s recent lack of creative vision, bad management, and propensity to pimp liberal politics in a polarized political climate have taken their toll.

Big layoffs coming

About 21,000 people from AOL and Yahoo Inc. will soon receive buyouts, severance packages and otherwise be laid off from their jobs as the Verizon struggles to make the combined operations profitable.

For those concerned about the financial welfare of Melissa Mayer, Yahoo’s embattled CEO, relax… she’s scheduled to take home about $23 million for finishing the job of running the company into the ground plus nearly a gazillion dollars in stock options. The communications deal closed yesterday as Yahoo’s unprecedented plunge culminated in a $4.5 billion sale to Verizon communications Inc. With Mayer at the helm, the company put itself on the auction chopping block in February of last year before accepting Verizon’s multi-billion dollar bid about five months later.

Yahoo could not keep pace with Google

In its heyday Yahoo of Sunnyvale, California, provided a hiring spike and by 2007 employed more than 14,000 people.

However, the cycle of life for Yahoo lacked longevity, and when Mayer came on the scene in 2012 the already bad situation only worsened. While Mayer was well versed in techie matters, she turned out to be a big disappointment in matters of management despite hiring high-profile Katie Couric as celebrity icon for her news operations.

Survived .com bubble, succumbed to competition

The financial crisis of 2008, and a slow, crawly economic recovery under the Obama administration proved too much for Yahoo management and its lackluster second rate search and news operations. The hiring of Mayer was the final nail in the coffin. The lid of said coffin closed shut yesterday after the Verizon deal was consummated.

Yahoo, a survivor of the 2000 .com bubble burst, wouldn’t fallout of the Fortune 500 until 2014 even though the company implemented many layoffs over the Years, including going through four CEOs in as many years.

Got mail? Email not likely to change

Concerning email inboxes, Yahoo is the second most-popular provider in the U.S. trailing only Gmail by Google. Yahoo is an even more popular email provider in Europe and Latin America, so any email changes save upgrades would come as user-friendly conversions implemented over a period of time.