Josh Brolin will star in the upcoming film “Deadpool 2,” and he seems to be preparing a lot for his role as Cable. The 49-year-old actor recently documented his transformation that even Dave Bautista cannot help but be surprised at. According to Entertainment Weekly, Brolin posted on Instagram a clip of his workout session, which also featured his funny encounter (described in the caption) with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star.

The clip showed him lifting weights at the Gold’s Gym. Brolin expressed his gratitude towards his personal trainer, Justin David Lovato.

He described Lovato as the person who diligently implements the discipline to him along with the training team.

Josh Brolin on strict routine for ‘Deadpool 2’

In his caption, Brolin wrote how Bautista asked about what happened to him, and he took it as the best compliment ever. Meanwhile, Brolin further explained that he is totally living clean: no sugar, no bread, no pasta, and no drugs. He only eats fish, eggs, vegetables, rice and more water. Aside from the physical aspect, Brolin was also seen sporting a Cable-like hairstyle. It was first sighted in an Instagram photo he posted with his son.

Who is Cable?

The earlier mentioned source revealed that Cable’s real name is Nathan Summers. This character originally came from the material source.

With his glowing eyes, he was named as Cyclops’ son, and on the other hand, his physical aspect took after Jean Grey because he is a clone of her.

Many actors have been named to play this iconic role, and it turns out the person was also found within the Marvel Universe. It can be recalled that Brolin also plays the role of Thanos.

Cable has traveled to the apocalyptic future and was raised to be a hulking mercenary.

Brolin's character Cable has huge biceps and a bionic arm. Several newcomers are set to join “Deadpool 2” including Jack Kesy’s (The Strain) villain role and Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) as the mutant Domino. Of course, Ryan Reynolds will return as the film’s protagonist, while David Leitch serves as the new director of the film after Tim Miller’s departure.

Moreover, Brianna Hildebrand, Leslie Uggams, Morena Baccarin, and TJ Miller will also return alongside Reynolds to reprise their roles. Furthermore, “Deadpool 2” will hit theaters on June 1, 2018, so watch out for more updates! The original movie received so much attention resulting in a box-office milestone.