Since November, there has been much speculation regarding the living arrangements of the first lady. Eyebrows were raised when she decided to remain at Trump Tower and not move immediately to Pennsylvania Ave. When Mrs. Trump announced she would not move to D.C. until her son completed his school year, many Americans were not happy. Now the issue may be resolved. On Thursday, Cbs News reported that Melania Trump and Barron will indeed be moving to the White House on June 14th.

The many months of speculation

From the beginning, there were Americans who did not believe young Baron was the reason the first lady remained in New York.

Rumors of marital troubles began to surface and every photo or video of the Trumps was scrutinized. When the Donald walked ahead of his wife just before the inauguration and did not open a car door for her, the experts weighed in saying this was a telltale sign of problems in the marriage.

When Mrs. Trump did not take part in traditional first lady activities it was believed she had no intention of residing in the White House. When it was announced that it cost taxpayers $146,000 daily for security, an online petition emerged to force Melania Trump to move immediately and save U.S. citizens this extravagant expense.

When the first lady swatted the president's hand in Israel, a number of people believed it to mean that she did not want to even be in her spouse's presence.Through it all, Melania remained silent and performed her duties as a president's wife when and where she chose.

The wait for Melania and Barron may be over

The "will she or won't she" may finally be over. On June 14th, President Trump's wife is scheduled to move in. This is when a lot of truth will be revealed. If rumors of marital troubles are false, Melania's presence on Pennsylvania Ave will bring joy to a loving husband who has missed living with his spouse and son.

Perhaps it may even take the edge off of his Twitter tirades and angry responses to those who oppose him.

If, however, there is serious trouble in the Trump marriage there will be havoc.The addition of marital woes to all the other issues the president is dealing with will certainly push him over the edge. Having Melania and Barron underfoot will give those who are leaking White House secrets more ammunition. Rumors, fake news, and alternative facts will increase. Living under the same roof, when the location is the most famous house in the land, it will be difficult to fake a good marriage.