The man that Melania Trump is allegedly having an Affair with is having his photo shared all over social media. The White House hasn't responded to claims about the first lady cheating on her husband, which may just be a matter of time. The Trumps aren't fond of the media in general, and Melania is known to threaten news publishers and bloggers with lawsuits if she feels they're printing misleading material about her. Is the latest claim a lie, too?

Novelist drops bombshell allegation

A novelist by the name of Monica Byrne sparked the frenzy of rumors that Melania Trump is having an affair with a man who works at Tiffany's in the Trump Tower lobby.

Some have already done some digging and have pegged Hank Siemers as the man Melania is seeing on the side. Siemers' LinkedIn profile reveals that he's Vice President of Global Retail Security and is responsible for "safeguarding Tiffany & Co.’s brand, assets and people." According to a February 2, 2017 report on LPM Insider, Siemers was recently promoted to the vice president position. He previously worked as senior director of international security & trade enforcement for Tiffany & Co. He's been in the loss and prevention field for over 27 years.

Twitter trolls Melania over 'boyfriend'

When Melania Trump tweeted about her attendance at the Ford Theatre Gala on Sunday night, several Twitter users trolled the first lady about her rumored affair, including one who mocked the first lady for having to be with her husband instead of the "hottie" she's linked to; the user added a photo of Siemers.

This is the same image being shared online all over social media.

Byrne wants to 'embarrass' Donald Trump

The accusations being made against Siemers are undoubtedly shaking things up in his life at the moment.

Byrne didn't reveal who her source was, but seems rather confident in her bold claims about telling the world Melania is cheating on her husband. She doesn't seem worried that the first lady may threaten her with any kind of legal action for her comments. The writer encouraged reporters to jump on the "tip" she received about the alleged affair because it would be the perfect thing to "embarrass" Donald Trump.

It's unknown if Melania is having an affair while Trump serves as president. She and the president are constantly in the headlines over divorce rumors. If it isn't the lack of hand-holding, it's the fact that Melania still lives in New York City while her husband stays at the White House in Washington, D.C.. Byrne added in her series of tweets that Melania Trump stays in New York because of the affair, but its been reported that she's remained in Manhattan so 11-year-old son Barron can finish the school year. The mother and son will move to the White House at the end of June.