There has been much speculation that there is trouble in the Trump marriage. Images and video's showing the two glaring at each other, or Melania looking dejected are all over the Internet. Most notably was inauguration day, when the president exited his vehicle and walked up the steps leaving his wife behind. Now that the first lady is moving to Pennsylvania Ave, the truth will be revealed.

Where is the love in the Trump marriage?

There are many factors that indicate that the Trump's have an arranged and loveless marriage. Their body language in many photo's looks strained and forced.

They often turn away from each other and you never see them holding hands. Previous first couples, like the Obama's, Clinton's and both Bushes, have been photographed holding hands, smiling and looking lovingly at each other. For this reason, the issues between the first couple will not stay hidden when Melania moves into the White House.

If there are serious issues in the marriage, her presence will only cause them to come to light. Donald Trump will probably be more aggressive with his wife living in close quarters. There are already leaks coming from the White House regarding political issues. Melania Trump living on the grounds will be a gold mind for those who like to release sensitive information.

Double trouble for Donald Trump

In addition to the Russian scandal, Melania will bring an entirely new set of woes to president Trump. He will now have his wife and young son away from Trump Tower, their gilded cage, and living in the White House will bring more exposure, visibility, and opportunities for photographers. The first lady will no longer be able to hide from the glare of the cameras.

Her every sneeze will be recorded for the American people and the world.

Every marriage has its problems but the personal issues of previous first families have been pretty much kept under wraps. This is because former presidents conducted themselves in a manner where they commanded loyalty and respect. Donald Trump has brought only confusion and heightened insensitivity to the Oval Office.

His Twitter rants have inflamed his followers and brought out the worst in them. Now Melania will pay the price.

If President Trump so much as looks sideways at the first lady, somebody will tell about it. He has set up a climate of distrust, anger, and confusion in this nation. The president has made his bed, and now he must lie in it, especially if he is sleeping in it alone. Should Melania not share her spouses sleeping quarters, it will be front page news. All truth will be revealed. it's only a matter of time.