The New York City police department estimates that it costs up to $146,000 a day for them to shadow Melania and Baron Trump in Trump Towers. Another $26 million was spent between the election and Inauguration day to protect the Trump family. Politicians and American citizens are troubled by this waste of money and want it to stop. A petition is being signed that calls for the first lady to get the heck out of dodge.

Americans want Melania Trump to move to Washington, or pay for her security. How ironic that the president of the United States wants to cut meals for the elderly, but expects U.S.

citizens to spend millions to provide protection for his family.

Melania Trump is not stepping up to the plate

Melania Trump has been a different First Lady from her predecessors. Her husband is not a career politician. Therefore Mrs. Trump is not schooled in the ways of a politician's wife. The position of wife of the President is not an elected position and therefore comes with no rules and regulations. Previous First Ladies have graciously stepped into the role and been by their husband's sides. Mrs. Trump, however, is not stepping up to the plate.

She made it clear that she would not move to Washington D.C., until after her son Baron completed his school year in June. She has mostly been MIA from functions where other president's wives, have been front and center.

Mrs. Trump's choices are bankrupting the American people, while her husband is a billionaire.

Winter White House needs to be off limits until Trump is out of office

Donald Trump refers to his Mar-a lago resort in Palm Beach FL., as his "Winter White House." The First Lady spends time there with her husband, even though she will not live on Pennsylvania Ave.

It's being reported the Trump family's many trips to Palm Beach, are expensive, utilize extra security, and wrecking havoc on the local economy. Palm Beach official are as exhausted as those in New York, because of the manpower and money that is being utilized because of the Trump family.

The First Family could save taxpayers millions of dollars if they made a few simple adjustments.

They should utilize Camp David for vacations, as did other presidential families.The winter white house should be off limits until President Trump is out of office. Melania Trump needs to immediately move to D.C., and embrace her role as the First Lady. This is the proper thing to do, and will keep the country from going bankrupt.