Life is certainly full of ironies and the first lady of the United States has just proven so. After four months of silence regarding how the "Trump Effect" is ruining this nation, Melania Trump has now found a reason to speak out -- not about the growing racism, anti-Semitism, or climate of hate her husband has unleashed on America -- but to defend him against Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin against Melania Trump?

Last week Griffin posted a grotesque image of herself holding what was meant to resemble the severed, bloody head of President Donald Trump.

Many were shocked and said Griffin had gone too far. Of all the responses against her deed, it is likely that no one expected the first lady to weigh in. Melania Trump has not been very vocal since her husband took office.

The first lady did not address a petition signed by over 500,000 citizens who wanted her to immediately move to D.C. so that taxpayers would not have to cover the cost of her Secret Service protection any longer. Now, she has come out of the woodwork to say on Twitter that Kathy Griffin needs her mental health checked. Talk about irony of ironies, Melania is married to the man who people are calling a "nut job" because of the way he is conducting business from the White House.

One has to wonder if Mrs. Trump defended her husband on her own, or if she was made to do so.

The Trump Effect

What Kathy Griffin did was wrong and inexcusable. To be fair, however, she is probably dealing with what is called The Trump Effect. We have in this nation those who are promoting hate and violence because they believe Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric gives them a license.

Others who seem so exasperated that the president won are also acting out.The Russian collusion, fake news, and the constant Twitter rants are getting on people's nerves.

Melania Trump surely must be aware of how the nation has changed since her husband became president. I fully understand defending your spouse but some would say Donald Trump brought this on himself.

If the first lady is going to be concerned with anyone's mental health status she should first begin with the man she wed. Increasing numbers of Americans -- including professionals -- are saying that he is displaying signs of multiple emotional issues. As for Kathy Griffin, a few years ago she held up an award she won and mocked Christians by saying: "Suck it, Jesus." Perhaps they both need to dial it down a notch and seek professional help.