YouTuber RossCreations made a “prank” video, showing him removing Stop Signs in a neighborhood, saying they were “unnecessary.” As reported by Gizmodo, this guy obviously doesn’t really understand what the idea of a prank is really about, as this kind of action can seriously endanger lives.

On his YouTube channel, Ross describes himself as someone who “pushes the limits” by getting involved in pranks, entertainment, and stunts. However, the YouTube channel owner, Charles Ross of Bradenton, Fl., has since been arrested and is now trying to get his hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers to donate to a FundRazr account to cover his legal fees.

Removing stop signs as a prank

The video shows Ross, dressed to look like a road worker, while he removes two stop signs at a three-way road junction in a neighborhood. He and his pals then watch and find it hilarious as several cars drive straight through the intersection without bothering to stop.

This is clearly not what a prank is all about – those stop signs were placed there for a reason. The video is also likely a violation of YouTube’s community guidelines involving dangerous and harmful content. Allowing cars to travel through an intersection without stopping certainly constitutes a danger.

Third-degree felony grand theft charge for YouTube prankster

While no one appears to have been hurt in the incident, Ross is now claiming in the video below that he had been hit with a charge of third-degree felony grand theft and is facing a possible sentence of up to five years behind bars.

On his FundRazr page, Ross explains that there had been no stop sign at that particular intersection for 18 years of his life. He said he did remove the stop signs but that he “placed the signs next to the poles” off camera. Ross goes on to say he has little money for legal fees, begging his subscribers to help. While the campaign doesn’t quote the target figure, he has, at the time of writing, raised $1,348.

Stupid pranks a growing trend on YouTube

This isn’t the first stupid prank played on YouTube, and no doubt won’t be the last. Recently a couple has lost custody of their children after posting a prank video on the DaddyOFive YouTube channel where they appeared to repeatedly abuse their children. Not funny at all.

A real viral YouTube prank

For an example of what pranking is really all about, included below is a video of YouTuber The Ace Family. A guy got the idea of pranking his better half by purchasing a second giant teddy bear and climbing inside the bear to scare his wife Catherine.

His wife arrives home and takes a while to notice what is going on. When she finally does, she picks up her baby, holding her tight while she watches the giant teddy, obviously scared. She throws her shoes at the bear, trying to get a reaction. When she does get that reaction, she runs from the house, saying “Oh my God.”

It seems Catherine has pranked him in the past, so he dances around, ecstatic, saying he “finally did it.” The video has attracted more than six million views and is genuinely funny. No one was hurt and there was no danger to anyone, except one giant teddy bear who lost his stuffing.