North Korea has made an unusual move by criticizing china for "unwavering objections" to the state nuclear program, Bloomberg reports. China is the largest North Korean trading partner and main ally. China blocked imports of coal from North Korea in accordance with UN sanctions and has recently called on its traditional ally to cease nuclear activities.

The Korean Central News Agency announced yesterday: "We hear a series of absurd and disrespectful remarks from China, which only exacerbates the bad situation." The article noted that Chinese state media are blaming the worsening bilateral relations in North Korea and "miserable utterances for blind obedience to the United States".

China is able to repay anyone who exerts

"China should stop testing the boundaries of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is better to think about the serious consequences of its unwavering act of abolishing the foundations of the relationship between China and the DPRK," the article states. The article is not attributed to any governmental agency or officer, and the author is identified only as Kim Chol. For North Korea, it is very unusual to criticize China directly.

Chinese state media have recently started to regularly and sharply criticize North Korea's behavior. The Global Times warned that it jeopardizes the 1965 unconstitutional agreement between the two states. Tabloids called for a regime to cease nuclear tests.

"China will not allow North Korean nuclear activities to endanger its northeastern region," The Global Times writes. Earlier, the same newspaper warned that China was able to reverse the blow to "anyone who exaggerates" and to impose an oil embargo on North Korea when it would carry out additional testing. Chol in the article states that China is the one who "exaggerated".

The embassy never warned people before

China has allegedly urged citizens living in North Korea to return to their country due to the fear of ever-increasing tensions between Pyongyang and Washington, the Korea Times writes. The Chinese embassy in North Korea allegedly began last month to advise the citizens to return to China because of the fear of the US-led invasion on North Korea's military provocation.

Radio Free Asia has announced that the embassy has begun to invite people to this move on the eve of the 85th anniversary of the North Korean Army.

The anonymous source told them that he visits China every month and that they told him last time to "stay there for a while". He decided to leave a month earlier than he planned. "The embassy has never warned people in this way. I was in a hurry to leave the country," the radio source said.

This week, the US re-demonstrated military power by sending a nuclear carrier to Korean waterways and carrying out military exercises along with Japanese and South Korean forces.

A few days ago, North Korea threatened to submerge an American nuclear submarine deployed in South Korea's waters. They claim that the US is bringing the region to the edge of the nuclear war, which has prompted China to warn both states to "stop irritating each other".