After the recent problems that YouTube had with their ads they decided to make several changes to their services. Several large advertisers decided to withdraw their ads because they showed up with inappropriate videos most often related to terrorism. This was a huge problem for YouTube and they had to make some changes to bring back the trust of their advertisers.

Restrictions on channels with less than 10,000 views

Official YouTube blog announced restrictions for Channels that have less than 10,000 views. The restrictions are mostly related to making money on the channel because they feel it is their responsibility to protect quality authors and their videos.

The new rules also apply to the new registries in the YouTube Partner Program which allows you to place your ad and make a profit. So, in the next couple of weeks, they will change the entire validation process for all those who sign up for monetization of their videos.

YouTube will have a detailed check up of each and every new channel, in order to keep everything in line with the rules and to avoid all potential problems of showing ads on channels with inappropriate content. The moment channel reaches 10,000 views, ads will automatically start showing.

Announcements for future YouTube services

YouTube had one more recent announcement related to ads on the channel. In 2018 they will terminate the 30-second advertisements that we now cannot skip.

They said that those ads are a heritage from the TV era. It is a TV standard transferred to the online world, but it is not the most effective way of advertising. Long commercials annoy users and it is high time to make some changes.

And one more novelty from YouTube is the direct transmission of the content of four major US television networks and cable TV channels.

This new service will be offered on the Alphabet Inc. Company’s channel. The service will be called YouTube TV and they will charge it 35 dollars per month for six user accounts. The offer will contain over 40 TV networks, including ESPN, Walt Disney CO, as well as all the original YouTube productions signed by the YouTube Red Originals subscribers.

This will put them in competition with companies with similar services such as Dish Network Corp (Sling TV), AT&T (DirecTV Now) and Sony Corp (PlayStation Vue), aimed at attracting viewers who have given up on traditional TV packages, or they have never had them.