Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that US President Donald Trump did not share any confidential information with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at last week's Washington summit and that he could prove it. Speaking at a news conference along with Italian Prime Minister Paul Gentiloni in the Black Sea resort, Putin joked ironically saying that Lavrov was guilty of not giving up what he believed were 'secrets'.

Russia has a transcript of the meeting

"I talked to him (Lavrov) today, and I will be forced to punish him because he did not share this secrecy with us, neither with me nor with the representatives of Russian intelligence agencies," said Russian President Putin, who argued that Moscow evaluated Lavrov's meeting with Trump as being very important.

He said Russia was ready to hand over the Trump transcript of Lavrov's meeting with U.S deputies.

Kremlin consultant Yuri Ushakov later told reporters that Moscow has a written transcript of the conversation, but not a soundtrack. Relying on what he called "political schizophrenia" in the U.S, Putin said that Trump is not being allowed to do his job properly. "What surprised me is that they caused the earthquake in the domestic political situation using anti-Russian slogans and that they do not understand the damage they make to their own country," Putin concluded.

So Putin remains one of the few politicians who is still supporting the Trump party, while for example, the Israeli president said that Trump did not have the right to disclose the information he gave.In addition, one German official said that Germany is considering breaking their intelligence sharing with the United States.

Over a million people signed a petition against Trump

More than a million people have signed a petition for the recall of Donald Trump since the scandal about the Russians. The petition was initiated by lawyer John Bonifas, who led a campaign to get rid of the president for an alleged violation of the US Constitution on Revenue and Other Federal Laws.

Democratic Congressman Al Green from Texas was first to officially call for the resignation of Donald Trump from the office of U.S President. He did it after it was publicized that Trump had ordered the former FBI director James Comey to terminate his investigation into Trump's relationship with Russia.

The British Independent warns that there is a realistic possibility that no one will initiate a procedure for Trump's resignation, but an ever-growing group of American politicians and practically all democrats have demanded that the lower house of the American Parliament seriously considers revocation.