If the most recent accusations against President Donald Trump are accurate, hindering the investigation is already a sufficient reason for recourse according to the U.S. law.

According to private notes by former FBI director James Comey, whose content was first reported by the New York Times, Trump had pressured Comey in their February meeting to resign from the trial of former Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. As the Times writes, Comey's note is "a piece of paper print that should show the president's unkind intentions to influence investigative proceedings that are ongoing." The White House denied Trump ever said that.

Trump admitted giving secret information to Russia

Let's remember, Flynn immediately resigned because he was caught in lies in his talk about Russian sanctions with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak - the same one who came to the White House a few days ago and met with Trump, accompanied by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

On this occasion, Trump, as he later admitted, gave American intelligence information about the activities of the Islamic State to the Russian officials. To make the absurd even bigger, members of the administration just before that, in full agreement with the Kremlin officials, claimed that no confidential information was shared. And Russian President Vladimir Putin today denied that Trump shared any secret information with Lavrov, rejecting it as "American schizophrenia."

In any case, sharing confidential information with foreign officials, and with the officials of the country accused of interfering with the U.S.

democratic process, is a pernicious political scandal. The disagreement of the U.S. allies was strongly emphasized by the prominent German representative Bernard Lischka, who described it as a "security risk for the Western world".

Concerns over national security

Perhaps the most dramatic warning was sent by the leader of the Democratic Minority in the Senate Charles Schumer to his colleagues: "Concern over our national security, the rule of law and the independence of our highest law enforcement agencies, is growing, the country goes through the challenge in a way that is unprecedented. History is watching us."

Of course, it is still not certain that Trump will be in front of the Congress, in which Republicans hold the majority or that this process will indeed lead to his dismissal.