Vili Fualaau says he is still madly in love with his wife of 12 years, Mary Kay Letourneau, despite the fact that he recently filed for a separation from her in Washington State Court. The 33-year-old father of two made headlines for filing for a legal separation from his notorious wife, but now he tells Radar Online that the reason for the court paperwork “is not what you think.” Fualaau told the celebrity gossip site that “everything is fine” between him and Mary Kay and that his filing in Washington State court is due to potential complications with his upcoming business venture.

Vili says his new business venture could be hurt if he’s married to Mary Kay

Vili told Radar that “of course” he is still in love with his wife—and vice versa— and that a piece of paper will not ever change that. Instead, Vili, 33, says he is trying to get licensed as a distributor for “Cigaweed” marijuana cigarettes and he is worried about Mary Kay’s past coming back to haunt them when it comes to the required background checks. Because both Vili and his spouse would have to be vetted should he try to get licensed, the couple is concerned that Mary Kay’s past could hurt Vili’s chances. Vili, who also has worked as a DJ named DJ Headline, admitted that his wife “has a past, she has a history.”

Mary Kay, now 55, was charged with child rape and served seven years in jail after she was caught having a sexual relationship with Vili when he was just 12 years old and her sixth-grade student.

Letourneau broke parole multiple times to sneak time with Vili and ended up getting pregnant with his two daughters. Vili and Mary Kay married in 2005.

Not a surprise

While Vili makes it sounds like there is no trouble in paradise and that his court filing is just for business reasons, Letourneau’s former attorney, David Gehrke said he is not surprised by the split.

Gehrke told People magazine while he wasn’t surprised that Vili and Mary Kay got married years after their illicit relationship, he added, “I’m not surprised, in this day and age, that they got divorced.”

The attorney also said that while he knows there was a deep love between them, it is possible that Vili and Mary Kay simply drifted apart over time.

Gehrke pointed out that it was Vili who filed for a separation, “which is usually a precursor for filing for divorce.” The high-profile attorney added that the separation petition will give legal notice to creditors and that the couple’s debts will no longer be joint.