Ever since Jamie Dornan starred in "Fifty Shades of Grey," rumors about his alleged romantic relationship with Dakota Johnson took the internet by storm. Although the stars revealed that they are just good friends, the rumor mill never stopped. In fact, new reports reveal that Johnson is causing trouble in the marriage of Dornan. Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner divorce rumors have been around for a very long time, and they blame Johnson for their alleged split.

Marriage trouble?

Reports are saying that Warner feels insecure every time there are dating rumors about her husband and Johnson.

It is even said that Warner will not allow Dornan to make another film with Johnson. This news follows after Dornan said that he is done making movies for "Fifty Shades of Grey."

It is also said that the sexy scenes in the movie are not approved by Warner. Fans also feel that these scenes bring the two closer to each other, which sparks more rumors that they are more than friends.

On the other hand, there are reports saying that Dornan feels choked and miserable in his marriage. According to rumors, Warner controls who Dornan can work with. She even reportedly prohibited him from working with Angelina Jolie for an upcoming film.

All the rumors about Dornan and Johnson make Warner furious, causing the speculated marriage trouble which might lead to divorce.

But readers need to take these divorce rumors with a grain of salt since they are not yet confirmed.

A great friendship

One major reason that people cannot stop talking about Dornan and Johnson is due to their great chemistry in the movie. It is said that Dornan's wife is not happy about their romantic and sexy scenes which are causing a rift in their marriage.

But what is the real score between the "Fifty Shades Freed" stars?

Dornan said that there is nothing romantic going on between them, and they are no more than friends. In an interview with ET Online, he said that they have a great respect for each other, and they are great friends. He thinks that it is easier to work with her with that kind of relationship and it makes them both comfortable with each other.

As for Johnson, she said that she respects the fact that Dornan is married. She even expressed her gratitude to the husband of Warner who respects her all the time despite differences. Apparently, it is very challenging to have steamy scenes with a man who is married and has kids. Fans will agree that the stars did great in the movie, which was what convinced viewers that there was something romantic going on between them in real life.